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Play Skirmish Paintball And Laser Skirmish

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It's Time For A Skirmish Paintball Adrenalin Rush

How about trying out Challenge Paintball, Melbourne's largest outdoor venue and Challenge Laser Skirmish, outdoor laser tag Melbourne.

Two full on fun and adrenaline packed games that will test any relationship, build any relationship and test your nerves.

Right here, on the outskirts of Melbourne, you can find large bushland areas set aside for the opportunity to create fun memories that will last you a lifetime.

Play with either family, friends office co-workers or business colleges, the idea is to set up 2 opposing teams and then using clever strategy, great teamwork and intuitive tactics - TO WIN

The venues offer friendly staff, a safe environment and the latest weaponry and equipment will ensure that you have a fun and exciting experience full of laughs and adrenaline packed action.

Challenge Laser Skirmish GroupChallenge Laser Skirmish Group - great fun for ALL family and friends

Difference Between Skirmish Paintball and Laser Skirmish

Skirmish Paintball

Serious High Intensity = PAIN (only if you get hit)

Definition of paintball

A game in which two teams try to capture each other's flag while defending their own using compressed-air guns that shoot paint-filled pellets. (Merrium Webster Dictionary)

Each person is issued a paintball gun which is actually a low powered air-gun that fires small gelatin capsules filled with starch and food colouring. After the rules and safety procedures are explained both the teams are sent out into the bush and the game begins.

Points are scored by tagging or painting the other person and the team that scores the most points is the winner.

Sometimes the tagging can leave a bruise that will fade in a few days.

The idea of course is to NOT GET TAGGED if possible.

Skirmish Paintball can only be played by those over 16, and both males and females can take part. Full face masks, safety goggles and camouflage overalls are provided for safely maneuvering through the bush.

Challenge paintball competitorsChallenge paintball team players

Laser Skirmish - Feel like your in a real life 'shoot em' up' computer game without getting hurt. 

Low Intensity = NO PAIN (Family Friendly)


Peter Robinson
Challenge Paintball and Laser Skirmish

"Laser Skirmish is a new sport using the latest technology. Because the units don’t have a projectile, they are not firearms. Since there is no paint there is no mess. The lasers shoot further, up to 200 metres, are more accurate and are not affected by wind. Plus there are no legal restrictions on this game. With our inflatable bunkers you can even play in your yard, local park, oval, warehouse, hall or even inside your office.

Once you suit up, whether in Challenge's hired camouflage gear, or your own gear, you'll be kitted out with a camouflage baseball cap or Bush hat fitted with hit sensors front and back, camouflage face paint and drinking water. 

A safety briefing and basic explanation of the rules and equipment is given, teams chosen and weapons selected.

There are various types of gun to choose from including the Morita, which is based on the design of the one in Star Ship Troopers and the Pulse rifle that resembles the one in Alien 2 and lighter machine pistols. Players are encouraged to swap lasers with teammates after each game so they all get a go with various ones.

Lasers shoot an invisible and harmless infrared beam, which has a range of up to 200 metres. The sensors attached to your hat and gun are what you aim at and the gun keeps stats on your lives, hits, eliminations, ammo, respawns (also known as spawn, respawn is a gaming term used to describe the action of a computer player or human player coming back to life after being killed) and accuracy.

Cool sound effects go off when you shoot, are hit, eliminated and when you hit and eliminate opponents. BEWARE, referees monitor games to stop cheats from hiding their sensor. They are also equipped with the god gun or controller that starts and ends games, programs health, teams or friendly fire on, respawns, reloads, with the ultimate power over life and death!

Your referee will explain the various mission objectives, boundaries, points etc. Games like Death Match, Save the Pilot, Attack/Defend and Hunger Games played on bush fields with trenches, forts, barricades and bridges, keeping you fully immersed in the action.

Most games incorporate respawns, so that when your gun screams and dies, you head back to your start base to respawn and re-join the troops endeavouring to complete the mission. The winning team at the end of the day claims bragging rights! They will have used tactics, teamwork, communication and planning skills to reign supreme over their opponents!

Be prepared to battle for major fun and excitement with an awesome day of Challenge Laser Skirmish!"

Outdoor Laser Tag Melbourne gamesOutdoor Challenge Laser Tag Melbourne adrenaline game kids love to play!

Where To Play Laser Skirmish and Skirmish Paintball - How To Get There

Battle Field 1 - Wallan - 315 South Mountain Road – 0418 355621

Note that Paintball is only played at Wallan

Challenge Skirmish Paintball Melbourne is on 250 acres of awesome bush with forts and bunkers. The best in outdoor Paintball just 45 minutes north of Melbourne CBD. With a dozen massive playing fields there are plenty of places to hide for that perfect ambush and something suitable for all tactics.

Play Challenge Laser Skirmish

Consider Skirmish Paintball too messy? Try the 21st century equivalent where you target your enemy with the latest infrared technology Laser tagger with hit feedback and personal scoring. 

Played on awesome bush battlefields with 4 or 5 exciting missions to complete for ultimate victory! 

Challenge has 3 large bushland venues to choose from.

Battle Field 2 - Skye - 45 Highview Road – 0418 355621

Battle Field 3 - Cockatoo - 200a Evan Road – 0418 355621

For more extensive information on all venues, prices and any other questions that you might like to ask, go to Adrenalin Games official website. Link to their Facebook page

Note also there is an option to play Laser Skirmish away from the bushland venues

The Mobile option can come to your local park, backyard, office/warehouse or oval.

Challenge has pop up obstacles to build your own battlefield.

Only the Laser Games can go offsite as there is no projectile that needs to be used.

If you would like to set up a Challenge Laser Skirmish elsewhere ...

phone 0418 355 621 or fill out the form on the Adrenalin Games Contact page

General Information - Skirmish Paintball and Laser Skirmish

What To Wear

  • Suitable clothes, remember that you are going to be dashing around in the bush, climbing over hills and if it is wet, scrambling through trenches of mud.
  • If you are not using camouflage gear then long pants and long sleeve shirt or jumper is best to wear for protection. Fingerless gloves are excellent when challenged with icy winds and a sudden heavy downpour.
  • If it is sunny then don't forget to take the sunsreen.
  • Bring a change of clothing along in case of inclement weather and a towel to wash that mud off.
  • Appropriate footwear would include a decent pair of well worn sneakers or perhaps a pair of hiking boots.

In the case of both games there is the option of wearing a camouflage outfit that can be supplied at the venue at a hiring fee.

Note, that this can be an excellent strategy rather than wearing that bright fluoro outfit you were given for Christmas.

What Is The Age Limit?

In the case of Skirmish Paintball, all players must be over 16 years of age.

Laser Skirmish is open to players who are older than 7 years of age. 'Peter' from Challenge Laser Skirmish & Paintball states that they "Have had 75 year olds play, so there is no top age limit!"

This makes the game suitable for Birthday parties and fun family adrenaline packed entertainment.

Laser Skirmish can provide your Business, Sporting Club, Special Occasion or School with a great way to to build team spirit, trust and leadership skills.

At the venues listed below, please note, that there is no alcohol allowed before or during play. BBQ facilities are available on site and there are eftpos facilities for your convenience.

Challenge Skirmish Paintball and Laser Skirmish Fun and Games

Skirmish Paintball Books Available Online

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