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To be quite honest, I can't remember how I happened onto Site Build It (renamed to Solo Build It! in early 2017) way back in 2008. I wasn't even looking to build an online presence, let alone an online business.

I think I was searching for a 'way to lose weight' at the time and just happened onto a website that was discussing that topic - guess what? I'm still searching for that magic site that will show me the perfect way. The site must have been an Affiliate with Site Build It. I just followed the link.

My curiosity got the better of me and I remember I started to delve deeper. There appeared to be 'something' that was tantalizingly hypnotic about what I was discovering. My interest was peeked. I began to ask myself a few questions ...

  • Was there something that I could write about? 
  • Something I really could become passionate about?
  • Could I create a website and share that interest with others?
  • Could Site Build It help me do that?

I had to delve deeper. I donned my cyber-bathing suit and I dived in, head first. There was so much information to read, so much to digest and I was hungry to get my questions answered.

research, research and research moreResearch, Research and Research some more to get the real facts

Solo Build It Review - The Site Build It Tools That Helped Me Decide

There were two Site Build It tools that I clung to, almost like life-buoys. I say that, because, Solo Build It provides so much proof that they are an excellent company to use to help build a website. There is a ton of information and at times it was quite overwhelming. So much to read and absorb. I love being given the facts but I also remember my head beginning to spin! 

Facts, facts and more facts, proof, proof and more proof of successful online businesses - ok, stop! I get the picture. I decided on a two pronged attack to clear my thinking ...

1 ) I watched the video tour over and over and over again, getting more and more excited each time I watched it. It was here,  that I began to realize, that actually using the visual medium of video, helped me understand the topic better.  Something that was to come in handy several years later when Site Build It introduced their amazingly user friendly tool, BB2.

In the early days of building pages for my website, I used the old BB1 method. This was a rather clunky, time consuming and visually boring way to build a page but technology was about to catch up. These days I love using the BB2 platform to build pages. It is so easy to use, just drop and create - it is visually exciting to see what you are doing and preview changes that you make.

Check out the Site Build It - Blockbuilder video here, showing you some of the basics. I think you will agree that that looks like fun, it is ;-)

2 ) The second amazing Site Build It tool I found when I was researching, was the Action Guide, both the text version and the video version, the latter holding my interest and educating me 'better' ✔️

I began to understand the process, what building a website was all about and how there were certain things that you had to do, if you were to be found out there in cyberspace.

getting excitedGetting excited about building a website using Site Build It

Solo Build It Review and Finding My Niche - The Idea Becomes Reality

I begin to form an idea. I've always loved travelling around the Victorian countryside. Loved taking the kids into the city, Melbourne that is. It's always fascinated me, just how much there was to do and see and so many hidden places and missed opportunities that I came across back then. 

Times haven't changed that much. The information highway hasn't really filled up, although it is getting better due to the availability of the internet and the massive explosion of the Social Media platform, but I digress ...

It's here, where I discover something. I start to believe that I would like to create a website, chatting about places I've been to, things I have done and places I've seen, here in my hometown of Melbourne. The more I research on the subject, the more excited I'm becoming. I'm studying the Action Guide Videos, especially No's 1 and 2 in real depth until I finally decide - Yes, I'm going to give it a go.

With the help of Site Build It, I learn things like ...

  • how to choose my Domain name
  • how to find keywords that will help my site get found out there on the internet freeway
  • how to structure my website pages into easy blocks of information that will help my visitor find the information they are looking for
  • how to research for topics that my visitors are looking for
  • how to wave to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc so that they see me
  • how to use the Solo Build It Forum community to find help when I need it
I love promoting MelbourneI love promoting Melbourne, my hometown and all that it has to offer the visitor, be they local or tourist

Family Getaways Melbourne was born in the year of 2008. A funny little website with a huge heart at its core.

  • Did I know what I was doing? Nope! 
  • Did I know what I had to do? Yep! Thanks to Solo Build It and the Action Guide for one, and the amazing Site Build It Forum Community for another.
  • Did I know where to begin? Yep! Just follow the Action Guide.
  • Did I drown? Nope! (However there was a time when Google Panda and Penguin hit my website and my traffic dropped terribly - I was drowning, however Solo Build It came to my rescue and showed me how to swim out of the undercurrent)

Solo Build It Review and why I Love Site Build It Videos

Videos tell the story in a way that nothing else can. Solo Build It videos are not full of hype and sales pitch. These are videos made by people like you and I. People who have a passion to tell their story. Why Solo Build It has been the best way that they have found to promote what they love most - their chosen Niche.

Check out some of their success stories. If you are perhaps in the market and looking for a way to start your very own website or online business, I can't think of a better company to align yourself with than Site Build It. I'm hoping that this Solo Build It review will play a positive and crucial part of the due diligence you are doing, in searching out what's real and what's fake!

There is so much internet noise out there, so much more than when I began way back in 2009. I would hate you to be led up the garden path and find yourself in a tangled mess! Which leads me to the subject of misinformation and the dubious fake Solo Build It review that's circulating at the moment.

Mis-information leads to disasterMis-information could lead you down the garden path and onto disaster - be cautious of a fake Solo Build It Review

That Fake Solo Build It Review - Those Fake SBI! Reviews - Beware

The 'proof is in the pudding'. It's the experience of doing the 'thing' that is important. The experience of using Solo Build It has created my successful website, my online business, that brings me such joy and fills my days with fun activity. Whether that activity is enjoying the fresh air exploring a new found hideaway or sitting at the computer, writing up about the find.

I know what keyword to use to draw the attention of the search engines, I know how to market the page in my Social Media platforms and all because I've learnt everything from Solo Build It and the Site Build It Community. Learning how to use photo editors, like Picmonkey for instance, has come easy to me, because I have had the experience of sitting in the Solo Build It classroom and stimulating my mind.

I now experience great pleasure in taking, and editing my own pictures and making my own infographics - something I would never have thought I could do several years ago.

This Solo Build It review is real because it's written by me, someone in the trenches actually using Solo Build It to get the results I am after. My online business traffic is increasing as are my financial earnings from both Google Adsense and the few Travel Affiliates that I use within the site. These are the 2 ways I am using to monetize the business at the moment. My goal is to increase the site's traffic more and then introduce my own product when the time is right.

Hopefully my Solo Build It review will give you some insight into how Solo Build It really works if you work at it. It's not a get rich money making scheme. It's a genuine business with a formula that you use, to create a website and future online business, should you choose to monetize it. Your website is your niche, that 'thing' that you know lots about and want to share with others.

It saddens me to see that there is many a fake Solo Build It review out there at the moment, which is one reason I have written this "for real" Solo Build It review.

This sort of fake Solo Build It review is being written by people who are paid to write it. They link to a proven inferior product's website.

Solo Build It has recently done an extensive study to test the claims of these reviews. The results are totally transparent. The study can be done by anyone, resulting in the same conclusions. Check out what the findings are here.

For instance ...

- The “Success” section of the other's website makes vague comments such as “There are 1,000’s of people succeeding every day within ... (I'm not naming the website, as I give them absolutely no credit, check out the survey link here for more information).” But there’s no way for the reader to verify that claim of success, nor does WA try to provide any. There’s no mention of a single successful client.

- Their “forums” also don't display domain names either.

- You can't access information about this company, without filling in their form with your address and particulars. 

These are just several reasons for you to be cautious when researching for a Solo Build It review.

A 'Fake Solo Build It Review' misleads the public, that is you! They are there to make money, most times at your expense. I would hate to think that, should you be actively out there researching how to start your online business, that you could be duped into clicking through to the latest wham, bam, thank you ma'am, money making scheme.

Take the time to read the survey, this link is Part 1 of a 3 part series that will give you the truth and nothing but the truth. Make your own mind up about Solo Build It! after you have explored the real facts. I hope I've helped you along the road to true discovery.

I love Solo Build It! (SBI!) - I love the passion of its founder, Ken Evoy. Why, it was only recently that he, himself, took the time out of his busy schedule, to post a review of my website in the Site Build It forums, introducing me to ways that might help my online business attract more visitors to it.  Ken often does things like that in there. He keeps his business, Solo Build It!, real and approachable. He gives it a human face and a face attached to a body with a huge heart!

I love Solo Build It! (SBI!) - it keeps me active and out there, most folk at my age are winding down and looking at sitting in front of the TV till it is time to topple off the planet. I've got things to do and places to go and people to see - speaking of which, that's something else Solo Build It has done for me. It has introduced me to people from all over the world. Why, I've even had the pleasure of eating pizza and drinking prosecco in Italy with my dear friend Cath, another Solo Build It! entrepreneur with a passion for Italy and another for Chickens. This is something I would never have done had it not been for Solo Build It!

Visit with my friend in ItalyVisiting with my friend, Cath, in Italy

And lastly ...

This Solo Build It review contains an extremely important fact and that is ...

I love Solo Build It! (SBI!) - because to quote Ken, "Everything is focused on the solopreneur and his/her most valuable and restricted resource, time! The solopreneur just does not have the time to figure everything out. Who's right? Which software is best? What's new and important vs. what's going to blow over, no need to waste time on it." - that statement says it all.

All, that other 'stuff' I don't need to know, is taken care of, so that I am able to create valuable content that you will enjoy reading and maybe go exploring yourself when you get the opportunity.

That idea I like the most!

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