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1930's Art Deco Chandelier - Myer Melbourne Mural Hall   

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Right in the centre of the Melbourne city district lies an exquisite European ballroom with high expansive ceilings, a sweeping staircase and incredible city views.

The views over the city can be observed, looking through the original, antique leadlight windows. 

Here, on the sixth floor of Melbourne's Myer Emporium shopping complex, you will find an amazing art deco room.

This room is filled with art deco furniture and fittings, as well as not just 1 art deco chandelier, but 3 magnificent ones hanging from the ceiling.

The Mural Hall was built in 1933 and was the venue for fashion parades and performances.

These days the hall is used for weddings, functions and other special public occasions.

During the refurbishment program for Myers, these art deco light fixtures were re-wired, repaired and cleaned. 

A protective wax coating was applied to them to help preserve their grandeur.

The chandeliers can provide up to 10 different lighting effects.

The art deco chandeliers in the Myer Mural Hall Melbourne Australia compliments of www.flickr.com/photos/carljoseph/5990074064/The art deco chandeliers in the Myer Mural Hall Melbourne Australia compliments of www.flickr.com/photos/carljoseph/5990074064/

Where Is The Myer Mural Hall?

6/314-336 Bourke Street
(03) 9661 1546

The Mural Hall Art Deco Chandelier And Other Interior Features 

  • a beautiful, decorative plaster ceiling
  • wide balconies
  • wall panels built in the Streamline Modern Style
  • at one end there is a set of mannequin stairs
  • the balastrading is made of stainless steel in an abstract ribbon design with the handrail made of polished timber.
  • 3 magnificent chandeliers

Mural works done by Napier Waller are displayed on the walls around the hall, some of these representing women throughout the ages.

This impressive collection of 10 original murals displays influential figures from the arts, opera, literature, dance and fashion.

Art deco wall mural painted by Napier Waller compliments of www.flickr.com/photos/73416633@N00/484443728/Art deco wall mural painted by Napier Waller compliments of www.flickr.com/photos/73416633@N00/484443728/

Stand underneath and you can't help but admire the work that has gone into making these beautiful chandeliers and the careful art deco detail that has been captured.

View from under the art deco chandelier in the Myer Mural Hall compliments of www.flickr.com/photos/73416633@N00/484451595/View from under the art deco chandelier in the Myer Mural Hall compliments of www.flickr.com/photos/73416633@N00/484451595/

These days, with the help of their talented stylists at The Big Group Creative, the Myer Mural Hall can transform into an extravagant dinner party, an elegant wedding, a Parisian cocktail lounge, or a cultural celebration'

The Big Group Creative can ensure the character of The Grand Ballroom works to best suit your unique event; be it a lavish party, formal dinner, frivolous high tea, extravagant wedding or cultural celebration of epic proportions – the possibilities are endless.

In 2013. Mother's Day was grandly celebrated in the Mural Hall.

Catch a glimpse of all the art deco fixtures as Melbourne celebrates a great day.

Melbourne truly has a fantastic collection of the world's best examples of everything to do with art deco designs be it art deco architecture, art deco clocks, art deco wall art and the art deco house.

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art deco clock on the outside of the Myer Emporium building
An example of a wall mural in the Myer Mural Hall Melbourne
Art Deco wall art on one of Melbourne's buildings.

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