The Art Deco Clock Found In Melbourne

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Art Deco Clock examples can be found on buildings scattered throughout Melbourne and its close by, neighbouring suburbs.

Country town halls, factories, stores, library buildings and schools sometimes proudly display the deco clock on their outside tower or on their interior walls.

These pieces of Australian history can be original art deco pieces or reproduced to researched specifications.

The first experience that you may come across is right in the heart of the city at Flinders Street Station.

Here you will find, not only a beautiful clock tower but a row of deco clocks displaying the times that trains will arrive and depart.

Melbourne's Town Hall Town provides you with unique art deco architecture. Part of this structure is the Clock Tower, standing high over Swanston Street. 

The Myer store in Bourke Street has an excellent example of this on the facade of its building.

Wander through the Royal Arcade and you will find a beautiful example of a clock being guarded over by Gog and Macog. 

There is a huge clock in the plaza at Melbourne Central. Stand opposite it and watch the workings as it strikes the hour.

Flinders Street StationFlinders Street Station with the 'Meet Me Under The Clocks' clocks and clock tower

Just before the second World War, art deco appeared in France. Art deco design has influenced

  • furniture, 
  • jewellery, 
  • fashion, 
  • cars
  • movie theatres
  • trains
  • ocean liners
  • buildings
  • everyday objects such as the radios, vacuum cleaners and clocks

You will find art deco clocks of the domestic kind and larger ones on town hall towers, sculptures and monuments throughout the cities of the world.

Where To Find An Art Deco Clock In Melbourne And Surrounds

  • I have chosen 10 clocks that can be found easily in the city and within a short distance from the city's central business district.
  • Most of these you can access by public transport
  • Access them by car, by following the Google Maps directions on the map below. All the clocks have been placed on this map. Just expand the map to see where each of them are and fill in where you are coming from.

    Click to get directions on how to find your way to the clock.

Top 10 Melbourne Buildings With Beautiful Clocks

Myers Emporium clock

Myers Emporium

Royal Arcade clock

Royal Arcade

Melbourne Central clock

Melbourne Central

Flinders Street Clocks

Flinders Street Station

Richmond Town Hall clock

Richmond Town Hall

South Melbourne Town Hall Clock

South Melbourne Town Hall

Port Melbourne Town Hall Clock

Port Melbourne
Town Hall

Heidelberg Town Hall Clock

Town Hall

MacRobertson girls high school clock

Girl's High School

Catarni Gardens St Kilda Clock

Catarni Gardens
Clock Tower

Melbourne Walking Tour - Lanes and Arcades

melbourne-arcades-and-lanewaysArt Deco found throughout the arcades of Melbourne Australia

Experience some of Melbourne's art deco on this fun tour. Join this 3 hour walk through Melbourne's both famous and more secret lanes and arcades as your guide highlights what makes each one special; though they may be well known, their individual charm will soon become apparent.

Discover local designers and specialty retailers, that often are only found in the city. A little history, and attention to amazing architecture will inspire locals and visitors alike. See over 30 stores and return to those you like best in the afternoon, to help make a satisfying day of it in Marvellous Melbourne! See what makes Melbourne special firsthand - book a laneways walking tour online today.

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Melbourne artist Rone transforms deserted Art Deco mansion Burnham Beeches

For the history of this excellent example of art deco, follow this link here.

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