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Famous Fairy Tales Come To Life
    Anakie Fairy Park   

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Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm turn into a fantasy fairy theme park in Anakie, Victoria, where childhood memories come to life as you wander along cobbled pathways to the castle at the top of Magic Mountain.

Just less than an hours drive from the Melbourne City Center the Grimm Brother's fairy tales come to life as they are acted out using magic little puppets and clever interactive gadgetry.

The Seven Dwarfs From Snow White

Dwarf puppets at Anakie Fairy Park Victoria Australia

Entrance to Anakie Fairy Park Victoria

Entrance To Anakie Fairy Park

The Grimm Brothers Famous Fairy Tales have been handed down through generations.

I read them as a child and I read them to my children.

They in turn are now reading them to their little ones and so the tradition goes on.

What a wonderful legacy the Brothers Grimm have left behind.

The Statue of the two skilled and famous brothers stands at the entrance to this magical fairy tale land.

Gulliver welcomes you to the Anakie Fairy Park.

Take your first photograph here and get ready for more memory making shots.

Where Is The Famous Fairy Tales Theme Park?

The Fairy Park is close to Anakie, in the heart of koala country.

Just situated one hour west from Melbourne and approximately 30 minutes from Geelong.

Nearby are the Brisbane Ranges National Park, the Anakie Gorge and 4 top class wineries.

The historic gold mining town of Steiglitz is also nearby.

For a more detailed planned route then click Google MyMaps and follow the prompts.

View Anakie Fairy Park in a larger map

2388 Geelong Ballan Rd
VIC, 3221

Open from:
Gates shut at 5:00pm every day except for being closed on Christmas Day.

Anakie Fairytale Castle Waterfall

Anakie Fairytale Castle waterfall

The famous Fairy Park boasts as being the first established and oldest theme park in Australia.

It is an ongoing creation which began on St Nicholas's Day 1959.

Helmut Mayer worked with his parents and their imagination to produce what is now one of the best and most unique amusement parks for children.

The innocence of childhood has been captured and presented for all of us to enjoy here, at Anakie Fairy Park.

What a wonderful Mayer Legacy.

The third generation continue to pour their enthusiasm and skills into the Fairy Park and this is obvious to all who wander the cobbled pathways.

Set on 23 acres, uniquely designed and landscaped, famous fairy tales can be found along the pathways leading up to and down from the fairy tale castle at the top of the Magic Mountain.

Anakie Magic Mountain

Anakie Magic Mountain

Push the button at each post and listen to the famous fairy tale as you watch, enchanted and enthralled, the little puppets came alive...what a magical experience.

The Gingerbread House - Anakie Fairytale Park

Gingerbread House Anakie Fairytale Park Victoria

"What big teeth you have Grandma!"

The Wolf From Little Red Riding Hood

The Wolf from Little red Riding Hood Anakie Fairytale Park Victoria

The Three Bears Cottage Anakie Fairytale Park

Have a look through the windows of the cottage, into the world of the 3 Bears.

A Modern day Goldilocks comes to visit.

"Knock, knock, is anybody home?"

The little cottage is so lifelike it could almost be real.

Press the button to find out what happens in the famous fairy tales story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

Near by make a wish in the magic wishing well.

Watch out for the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk! See if you can find Jack.

Puppet Displays At Anakie Fairytale Park

Puppet displays at Anakie Fairytale Park Victoria

Wander on up to the top of Magic Mountain and you will find the museum with an amazing collection of model trains.

A coin in the slot interactive model train track complete with trains, train yard, village and villagers, tunnels and so much more.

Try and find the Thomas the Tank Engine.

There is also a fascinating collection of wooden toy soldiers and other toy dolls and animals.

The view from on top of the mountain is spectacular.

You can see a full 360 degrees around and right across to Port Phillip Bay, spectacular on a bright sunny day.

Stand at the edge of the cliff and feel your knees give way!

Statue of Merlin the Magician at Anakie Fairytale Park Victoria


He stands on top of the tower holding his magic crystal ball, welcoming all to play in his magic playground.

Let the kids run free to explore the hidden tunnels, dungeons and secret passageways of Merlin's Camelot.

They can climb the many towers and basically let their imaginations run wild.

And magic does happen!

While we played here we were witness to the birthing of a calf in the Paddock beside the playground.

What an incredible magic thing for my granddaughter to see.

Life Begins For A Calf At Anakie Fairytale Park

Life Begins For A Calf At Anakie Fairytale Park Victoria

There are plenty of picnic facilities here at the Fairy Theme Park with 10 electric BBQ's, a $1:00 coin is required to operate these.

There are clean sheltered areas with plenty of tables. While you set up your Picnic let the kids climb Elephant Rock and explore the area.

For a quick snack or Take Away meal you can find the Kiosk housed in it's own Fairy Tale Castle near by.

If you have a Special Celebration coming up, why not celebrate it here, perhaps a...

  • Kid's Birthday Party
  • Family Re-union
  • Kinder/School Fund Raiser

Why not dress for the occasion in medieval costumes or famous fairy tale character.

Catch a glimpse here of what fun and adventures you and your family can have at the famous Fairy Tales Park at Anakie.

These folk really love the place, find out why.

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