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Coal Creek Farmer's Market - Korumburra

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This was the first actual farmers market that I have ever been to and I have to say I have fallen in love.

What an amazing concept, a market dedicated to the sale of specifically homemade produce.

Coal Creek Farmers Market has proven to be an excellent market for my 'baptism' into what now has to be a fun way to explore Melbourne's market scene.

The bonus is that I get to stock my pantry with the most delicious array of homemade pickles, jams, sauceces, herbs and condiments. I get to chat with the actual producers, what an incredible experience as they are so passionate about their products.

You can't get that experience in a supermarket.

Coal Creek Farmers Market - Korumburra

Coal Creek Farmers Market Korumburra

When Is The Coal Creek Farmers Market On?

The market is held on the 2nd Saturday of every month between the hours of 8:00am and 12:30pm.

Make sure that you leave plenty of time to get there as if you are anything like me you will want to spend time at every stall asking questions.

There is adequate parking but if you get there early enough you can secure a park close enough to the market to drop off purchases and head on back for more shopping.

Where Is The Coal Creek Farmer Market?

Held in the carpark of the Coal Creek Heritage Village just outside of the township of Korumburra.

Head on south a short way along the South Gippsland Highway, driving past the Korumburra town shops.

The market is held alongside Silverstone Road.

If you have passed the Coal Creek Heritage Village then you have gone too far.

There is plenty of parking along Silkstone road or up the side road. Just note the parking signs.

Coal Creek Farmers Market Parking

Coal Creek Farmers market car parking areas

This Farmer market is dog friendly but please make sure that your dog is restrained on a suitable lead.

This Is A Dog Friendly Market At Coal Creek Farmers Market

Coal Creek Farmers market allows dogs on a leash

The Types Of Produce At The Farmer Market

The types of fresh produce sold at a farmer market for example are...

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Processed Protein Products such as Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Goat, Fish and Venison etc
  • Dairy products such as Cheese, Milk, Butter, Ice Cream etc
  • Eggs
  • Jams, jellies, honey, sweets
  • Sauces
  • Cakes and Pastries
  • Breads
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Live Stock
  • Seeds, Flowers and Plants

I tried my first taste of venison in the form of a delicious mouthful of sausage. So light and full of flavour. The Venison Pate was delicious also.

Fresh Quality Venison Processed Products - Deer Rise
Sam and Denise Lees

Coal Creek Farmers Market Venison Stall

I had never heard of Garlic Jam before until today and Darren and Glenice were only too pleased to educate me on all the amazing products that can be made from the humble garlic.

Of course I had to taste a sample, and the great thing about these Farmers Markets is the fact that you get to taste the produce before you invest your dollars...that idea I really like.

Well I was impressed so much that I opened my purse and bought a jar of Roasted Garlic and Caramelized Onion Jam to enjoy with some crackers and cheese and a glass of wine.

Now the education had really begaun as I dared myself to actually eat a clove of Pickled Garlic...Wow! I was sold after hearing the benefit of eating a clove every day.

Did my breath smell of garlic? No, phew - I really was pleasantly surprised.

Fresh Organic Garlic Products - The Strawbale Farm
Darren and Glenice DeLaps

Coal Creek Farmers Market Garlic Products stall

The previous week I had come across an article in the Gippsland Magazine, Spring Issue 20, on Emma Brown's Glorious Googies.

Emma's chickens and roosters are allowed to FREE RANGE her paddocks live in style in converted caravans that she moves around her farm. What a fantastic idea. I had read that Emma was at the Coal Creek Farmers Market and I was looking foward to caching up with her. This time it was Mum and dad doing he rselling and promoting and what a proud pair they are I can tell you.

Had to buy myself a dozen of the best and I can speak from personal experience, they are totally delicious!

Free Range Eggs - Glorious Googies
Emma Brown - Proud Mum and Dad seen here

Coal Creek Farmers Market fresh free range eggs

It's the stories at a Farmer Market that fascinate me - like the story of 'Wils Seeds'

This little guy actually decided at the ripe old age of 5, to set himself up in business. He wanted to sell Organic Vegetable Seeds to the public at the market.

Several years later I found Wil proudly sitting at his little market stall doing just that. he informed me that he had already bought himself a Laptop from the 'Profits' he had made and was now in the process of saving up to buy an Ipad.

Wow, not only was this young man learning about running a business he was also gaining valuable experince in marketing, selling, promoting, budgeting and thoroughly enjoying himself in the process.

I love growing tomatoes and Wil was able to direct me to his Organic Tomato variety 'Grosse Lisse'. I'm really looking forward to harvesting my first crop.

Organic Vegetable Seeds - Wills Seeds

Wilhelm Layton

Coal Creek farmers market organic seed stall

The good old trusted market trolly ended up filled with delcious produce.

Had read that Jindi Farm would be at the market and I was looking forward to chatting with Leslie about her Australian Bush Food products. Looking forward to cooking up a storm using the seasonings I bought.

Nut Butters - Nuts Bout Fruit
Australian Bush Food - Jindi Farm
Leslie and Mihael

Coal Creek Farmers Market natural home produced products

Wine tasting! Oh, dear I have to drive...

I had no idea there was wine at a Farmer Market.
How great to sip the actual wine presented by a local producer and get to chat about the differences between the blends.

Helen from Koongunga Wines was able to explain  why the South Gippsland region produces some of the very best Australian wines was fascinating.

Andrew from Lucinda Estate reassured me that their Winery was open to the public and very 'kid friendly' so if you get the opportunity when you are in the area, give them a call and arrange a tour.

Kopinot Wine - Koongunya Wines
Helen and Geoff Davis

Coal Creek Farmers Market wine tasting

It was near closing time when I met up with Phyll from Saffron Willis and the discussion about the pros and cons of using Saffron was wonderful.

The jar that Phyll is holding, she informed us, was worth over $3000, a fact that my granddaughter found fascinating. A years harvest, wow!

Organically Grown Saffron - Saffron Willis
Phyll and Tom Tierney

Coal Creek Farmers Market, Korumburra Saffron stall

At some farmers markets you can purchase livestock and little chickens are always such a draw card.

With the promise of fresh home grown eggs and if you have the chicken coop set up, then Coal Creek Farmer Market is the place to pick up some robust little creatures.

Coal Creek Farmers Market Live Produce Chickens

Top 5 Farmer Market Tips

  1.  Arrive early to get the best parking position and to be able to meet all the stall holders.
  2.  Carry a market bag to carry home all your purchases as most Farmer Markets are eco friendly markets and the use of plastic bags is not encouraged . I use a market trolly with wheels and I find it is invaluable.
  3.  If you intend on purchasing perishable goods then take a cooler bag with you to keep the products fresh.
  4.  Carry loose change and small notes so as to make it easier for the Stall Holders as it is sometimes awkward to give change for large notes.
  5.  Most Farmers markets will have a FREE Community Stall that is raising funds for some Community project. it's always great to chat with the stall holders to find out what they are raising money for and perhaps purchase an item or two.

It was such a great experience and a wonderful introduction to what a ' True Blue Farmers Market ' is really all about.

I had arrived far too late and missed meeting probably 1/2 the stall holders that were set up. Coal Creek Farmer Market has to be visited 1 more time to really do it justice.

I'm looking forward to visiting another one of the many great Produce Farmers Markets that are in the South Gippsland area as well as others in and around Melbourne itself.

Please note that some links on this page are to companies that I have an affiliation with. By that I mean that if you purchase a product through them I receive a very small commission. This way of earning income is termed Monetization and it is a way for me to keep my site out here for you to enjoy. I will only affiliate with companies that I feel offer value for money and excellent back up service. These are Companies that I personally have used to purchase products for myself, my family and my friends. To learn more please refer to my Disclaimer page

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