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Spine Chilling Haunted Weekend

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Walhalla - Victoria 
You Could Possibly Strike It Rich Up There!

The unique township of Walhalla is settled deep in the heart of the Baw Baw Shire, south eastern Victoria.

I finally got to visit this amazing place in early 2014, with the weather still warm and the summer days still long I was able to explore some of this quaint little authentic gold town.

Arriving a tad late in the day and not realizing that there was so much to see and do, I managed to get a taste of what this old gold mining town has to share leaving the rest till a later time when I can spend a haunted weekend staying in a sample of what Walhalla accommodation has on offer.

I'd heard a little about this hidden town but I had no idea I was about to be transported back in time to an amazing and fascinating era filled with so much mystery, adventure and spin chilling ghost stories. Yes, the place is reported to be haunted and I would have to agree, a haunted weekend here is a must to do.

Even in the daylight the feeling that something or someone is watching you is apparent.

The thought of actually spending a haunted weekend became very appealing as I wandered through the few buildings that remain in the town.

1998 Walhalla became the last mainland town to be connected to a reticulated electricity supply.

Walhalla old house, Victoria - AustraliaWalhalla old house, Victoria - Australia

1998 Walhalla became the last mainland town to be connected to a reticulated electricity supply.

Stringers Creek in Walhalla, Baw Baw Shire, Victoria - Australia

The township is situated 180 kilometres south east of Melbourne deep into the heart of the Great Dividing Range.

In the Baw Baw Shire nestled in the steep Stringers Creek valley, Walhalla can be found spread along Stringers Creek.

The main road follows the creek into and through town and ends up at the northern end's camping ground.

The only way to reach Walhalla is by road. Use the M1 Highway and Moe-Walhalla Rd. Check the map below and click through to plan your road trip.

Walhalla History

Walhalla was once one of Australia's richest towns due to the discovery of Cohen's Reef in 1862. A 3 kilometer vein of gold ran through this wilderness part of the Great Dividing Range.

Originally the town was named Stringers Creek. Over 3,500 residents lived here at this time. Churches, schools, a hospital, sporting clubs and over 50 specialty shops were found scattered throughout the township, a bustling, robust community with all the necessary infrastructure that it required.

temsters arrive at Walhalla circa 1900'sTeamsters Deliver Supplies To Walhalla - Circa 1900's

Where Is Walhalla? - Getting There For That Haunted Weekend

View Walhalla VIC 3825 in a larger map

In 1910 the railway arrived however it really was too late as most of the mines had been gutted and the deposits of gold had waned badly, so much so that Walhalla became a virtual Ghost Town overnight.

A Haunted Weekend At Walhalla And Other Fun Things To Do

Where To Eat

  • The Walhalla Lodge Hotel, The Wally Pub, offers delicious counter meals. You can easily find it on the righthand side of the main road right at the entrance to Walhalla.
  • The shops along the main stretch supply lighter meals or coffee and cake.
  • There are open BBQ and sheltered picnic areas scattered throughout the township. A great place to stop and perhaps do a little gold panning in Stringers Creek.
  • The Walhalla Lollie Shoppe is a great place to pick up some novelty old fashioned lollies.
Counter meals at the Walhalla pubDelicious Counter Meals At The Wally Pub

Where To Stay

The luxury Walhalla Star Hotel is a 4 star mountain retreat with a gold-era atmosphere and modern luxury conveniences.

Walhalla Star Hotel Walhalla Victoria AustraliaThe Star Hotel - Walhalla

There are cute B&B's, self contained cottages and motel style units such as the ...

  • Walhalla Log Cabin
  • Wild Cherry Bed and Breakfast
  • Walhalla Mill House
  • Stringers Cottage
  • Brewery creek Cottage
  • Creek Cottage
  • Mann's Cottage
  • Mill House
  • Lee Manor
  • Windsor House Bed and Breakfast
  • Valhalla Guesthouse
  • Jacombs'Cottage

Contact: T [03] 5165 6250

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Walhalla, Victoria - AustraliaBed And Breakfast At Walhalla Victoria

Looking For Accommodation In Walhallah?

My travel partner, Booking.com, can help you out with top suggestions on where to stay whether it be in the city itself, the outer regions or even further out into the Victorian countryside.

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What To Do

Full of heritage, this little township is packed full of the most amazing things to do anytime of the year day or night.

  • Walhalla Goldfields Railway - Ride the narrow gauge train down through Stringers Gorge to the Thompson River. The rail has been fully restored and provides the traveller an amazing and scenic ride through some of Australia's most amazing bushland.
banner image link to the book on Narrow gauge lines from Fishpond

The amazing Australian pioneering Spirit is portrayed in this book, The Narrow Gauge, on the Victorian Railways narrow gauge lines – their incredibly dramatic routes constructed through amazing terrains.

Because of their appearance, more like toys than transport, these trains became a tourist attraction rather than a mode of permanent transport.

Here 4 such railways are presented in detail along with some amazing photos from by-gone eras.

  • Long tunnel Extended Gold Mine - Listen to 45 minutes of thrilling gold mining history as you tour this original gold mine. The thought that 13 tonnes of gold was mined from here is amazing. This tour takes you deep down to Cohen's Line of Reef where gold mining memorabilia is displayed. A haunted weekend must.
  • Walhalla Cemetery - With hardships endured in this wild area there were plenty of casualties and the cemetery tells some amazing stories of these hard times. Where is that cursed grave or graves of the ANZAC heros who had lived here? talk about a haunted weekend have to!
  • Heritage Walks - There are over 30 heritage signs throughout the town. With photos and stories of the past. Take your own time wandering through history. Don't miss the historic Walhalla Post Office.
  • Walhalla Vinter Ljusfest - Every August evening light shows are held in the main street. During this time special events, tours and activities are held. The whole township comes alive celebrating a chosen yearly spectacular.
  • Walhalla Ghost tours - You are taken on a guided tour after dark! Carrying old fashioned lanterns, wander through the streets and alleyways. Book yourself in for a haunted weekend and really get to know the LOCALS.
  • Bushwalks and 4WD - There are walking trails taking your through some amazing bushland or the 4WD track to Bruntons Bridge. head on out to the Baw Baw Plateau and the surrounding countryside. Mt Erica, Mt St Gwinear and the Baw Baw Alpine Village are just some of the local area icons.
  • Goldpanning - Stringers Creek provides the perfect opportunity for a little gold panning. There is still gold to be found in the rock pools and sand along the creek's edge. Never know what you might find.
  • Camping - The Chinese gardens and North gardens at the north end of the township provide camping with toilets and fire pits for that real outdoors experience. Rug up well as the evenings get pretty cold in 'dem dare hills.

For information the Corner Store and Museum provides everything you might need, maps, brochures and souveniers. it is open 7 days a week.

For more information visit the official website for Walhalla.

Walhalla Corner Store Walhalla, Victoria - AustraliaWalhalla Corner Store Walhalla, Victoria - Australia

If there is one place that you must visit and explore it is the Walhalla Post office. 

Opened in 1864 and run by the most incredible post mistress, Miss Doreen Hannan, it is filled with the most amazing and nostalgic postal memorabilia.

This long time resident of Walhalla purchased the business in 1948 and continued to run it until 1963. The residence remaines intact within the building complete with some of Miss Hannan's personal belongings. This gives a window into how frugal and special those days were way back then.

Miss Hannan died in 1988 and is buried in the Wallan cemetery.

The picture on the right below is of telecommunication apparatus (this actually works) that is housed in the old Walhalla Post Office Building.

Collage of olden day communication in Walhalla Victoria AustraliaEarly Communication - Walhalla

If it's a haunted weekend experience that you would like to enjoy or just day tour Melbourne into some amazing Victorian countryside, then I highly recommend a visit to Walhalla.

Just a 2 and 1/2 hours drive down the Princess Highway and up into the Baw Baw Ranges just has to be one of the best things to do in Melbourne that you can do.

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Want to experience some Aussie haunting In Walhalla?
You gotta stay the night at least!

My travel partner, Booking.com, can help you out with top suggestions on where to stay.

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