Melbourne Weather In January
Getting Hot! - Well it was!

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The climate can only be described as getting hot, no getting cold, no wait a moment it's getting hot again!

Where the fun comes in, is in trying to predict what sort of weather we will be experiencing during the day.

The Average Temperatures for the weather in January are:

High 23.9 Celsius(75.02F) – Low 13.2 degrees Celsius(57.56F).

The Melbourne weather in January can be described as hot, hot, hot and changeable.

Long nights under the stars and plenty of warm days to enjoy fun times outdoors.

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Walking the Foreshore at Brighton Beach

Kids at Brighton Beach compliments of

You can experience a typical Melbourne summer's day as being warm and sunny with a freshening sea breeze.

This arrives in from the south in the afternoon.

Sometimes you are lucky to experience a few cool and cloudy days giving a welcome respite from the hot northly winds that engulf the state of Victoria.

There are always hot days and the year's highest temperature of about 40ºC can be recorded in the month of January.

The Melbourne weather in January sometimes makes sleeping at night quite uncomfortable as these "heat waves" can sometimes extend for several days if not for over a week!

Bushfire In The Dandenong Ranges

Bushfire in the Dandenong Ranges

Melbourne Weather In January Can Create A Problem

There is always a constant threat of bushfires due to the high temperatures and blustery, dry north winds.

A great place to escape the heat is down at one of the local beaches.

Escape The Heat At The Beach

Escape the heat at St Kilda Beach compliments of

Rainfall is low during this month, however with the Melbourne climate being quite changeable it is not uncommon for the city to experience an occasional massive down-pouring resulting in flash flooding.

Flash Flooding In Melbourne Street

Flash flooding in Melbourne streets compliments of

Melbourne beaches are popular this month and the school holidays are in full swing filling the sandy stretches with squealing little brown bodies.

Melbourne basically puts its bathers on and "goes down to the seaside".

Celebrate Everything In Summer In Melbourne

NCYC 2009 - Converge

Celebrate National Christian Youth Convention in Melbourne, Australia compliments of

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings is operating so make sure your watches are wound forward 1 hour.

  • Daylight savings starts 30 October - turn clocks forward one hour
  • Daylight savings ends 2 April - turn clocks back one hour

The days are longer during summer due to daylight saving hours and the evenings are warmer making for an enjoyable time outdoors late into the nightime.

During the month of January in Melbourne you can experience fun activities right in the heart of the city.

  • Evening performances of plays in the Botanical Gardens
  • Day and night cricket matches at the MCG
  • Australian Open tennis championship

Summer At The Tennis Centre, Melbourne - Australia

Tennis centre - Melbourne, Australia compliments of

Top Summertime Activities In Melbourne

  • Summer Music Festival at the Victorian Arts Centre
  • St Kilda Festival
  • Australia Day Celebrations

Melbourne Festivals Celebrate Summer

Melbourne celebrates summer compliments of

For a tourist visiting, January has to be one of the best months to enjoy what my hometown has to offer.

Melbourne is famous for its beaches, its outdoor entertainment and its friendliness.

Summertime At The Beach In Melbourne

Summertime At The Beach In Melbourne

The Melbourne weather in January is perfect for you to pack up that picnic basket and head on down to the park or the beach.

Most have BBQ's that you can use for free and plenty of tables to set up that feast.

Melbourne Weather in the Colder month of May

Melbourne Easter Weather in April - Beautiful month!

Information on the Melbourne Climate for Each Month.

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