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without these Picnic Tips there could be disaster

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Gathering family and friends is such an enjoyable past time and for some families it can become quite a tradition. You know you can become the best at planning a picnic because you will have learnt some little tricks to help make the picnic a success.

Picnic TipsPin me Please

Gathering family and friends is such an enjoyable past time and for some families it can become quite a tradition.

You know you can become the best at planning a picnic because you will have learnt some little tricks to help make the picnic a success.

The Perfect Picnic begins at home. I've put together some suggestions as to what picnic essentials you may need.

Store these away in a handy carry basket, plastic lidded box or perhaps in one of those great portable trolley packs. (These are on wheels and are easy to move from car to picnic area...no fuss). 

Your local hardware store is a great place to find your Carry All.

Keep this in the pantry, cupboard or in the car boot ready to grab as you head out the door.

You could even use a shopping trolley, which is what I use and when not using it I store it in the garage.


A perfect picnic day out can combine exercise, great company, delicious food, fresh air and lots of fun and games.

I, personally, have produced some fond memories of days out with the family down at the beach, the local park and special places. Sitting here thinking back to those times, they really did leave, and still do,  a mark in my life.

Picnic by the lakePicnic by the lake


Picnic Tips No 1 - Picnic Basket or Trolly

There are some amazing picnic baskets out there and some of these can cost you a fortune. Some come with all the latest color co-ordinated whizz-bang gadgets and bits and pieces.

Save yourself some money and put your own together

Perhaps get the kids involved in the process, as this really is so much more fun. The cheap $2 Shops/Thrift Shops, The Reject Shop, supermarket and the local hardware are great places to pick up bits and pieces.

Cane Picnic BasketMake your own Picnic Basket up, makes it more personal

Picnic Tips No 2 - Picnic rug or Blanket

Rugs can now be purchased with waterproof backingConsider the possibility of making your own picnic quilt. Let your imagination take over, the material doesn't need to be expensive either, just make sure that it is fairly durable as it is going to get some decent usage.

Op shops or thrift shops are excellent places to pick up fabric remnants. You could even find recycled doonas, blankets or curtains. I suggest you make a couple as extras always come in handy.

Create a food theme, flower theme, color theme. You can back the quilt/blanket with a tarp found at the local hardware store.

Picnic BlanketPicnic Blanket

Picnic Tips No 3 - Folding Picnic Table and Chairs

These days the range of folding picnic table and chairs is extensive. I have found the best place to pick a set up is at the local hardware, watch out for seasonal specials on offer.

The best type to purchase are lightweight and durable styles as these can be cleaned easily washing them with the garden hose.

Ones that can withstand all types of weather conditions and don't take up too much room when stored are the best.

Folding picnic table and chairs compliments of https://flic.kr/p/8sun4KFolding picnic table and chairs compliments of https://flic.kr/p/8sun4K

Picnic Tips No 4 - Folding Chairs

An essential one of my picnic tips is to make sure that you invest in a decent and sturdy folding chair. There is nothing worse than sitting down to relax and then finding yourself suddenly collapsing to the ground as the frame breaks away! Happened to me on several embarrassing occasions.

Check that the legs can carry more than a child's weight. These days you can find folding picnic chairs with convenient cup holders included in the arm rest. Some chairs even recline, great for the after BBQ siesta.

Keep one or 2 in the car boot. Never know when they might come in handy.

Portable folding chair perfect for picnicsPortable folding chair perfect for picnics

Picnic Tips No 5 - Portable Picnic Shelter

You can use a tarp or picnic umbrella or an actual system that you erect yourself. Most hardware stores stock these. They can have simple fly screen walls, walls with windows or no walls. Make sure that they are easily erected and that the frame is sturdy enough.

Take a few plastic bags along with you and fill these with sand if you are at the beach, dirt if you are out in the bush or rocks if you are at the park, anything that is heavy. Attach one bag to each vertical support and keep that picnic shelter on the ground.

An excellent shelter that I find easy to use is a fully enclosed portable mosquito canopy. These are not expensive and usually are easy to put up. The advantage of this is that you can decorate it if you are celebrating a special occasion, tie balloons, streamers or banners onto the poles.

If you don't want to use a shelter then invest in a piece of light weight clear plastic sheeting. You can throw this over your picnic goodies should the skies begin to dribble. I suggest clear so that you can still see through it to find the much needed tomato sauce!

party gazebo with buntingDecorate your picnic gazebo with colourful bunting

To help keep all your picnic bits and pieces together checkout this uniquely designed picnic tote bag. Made of 100% sturdy brushed polyester on the outside and on the inside 100% polyester non-woven laminate. Will be perfect to carry those vegetables home next time you're off to picnic. 

Click the link above and check out all the other unique designs that have been created, there may be more that you like, perfect for gift giving.

Picnic toteCarry all your Picnic Gear in this uniquely designed picnic Tote
buy now button

Picnic Tips No 6 - Picnic Utensils

Cooking picnic utensils

These can consist of

  • tongs
  • egg flipper
  • fork
  • sharp knife

Great set to actually give or get as a gift.

These usually come in their own pouch for easy storage and transportation.

Picnic tips No 7 - Picnic Esky or Cooler

Pre-freeze containers of water a couple of days before the picnic and use these to keep your drinks and food fresh. You can even use plastic bottles, freeze some water in them overnight (be careful not to completely fill them otherwhise they may explode in the freezer)

Clean milk/fruit juice cartons are very useful as ice packs. An excellent recycling idea. Just fill them with water and freeze.

Dispose of them away once they thaw.

Picnic CoolerPicnic Cooler to keep all your picnic drinks nice and cold.

Picnic tips No 8 - Bottle Opener and Cork Screw

Sturdy cork screw

This little gadget is a picnic essential, an absolute must to open that chilled bottle of wine!

Pick one up with a bottle openeron one end.

Make sure that it is a sturdy one. There is nothing worse than having it break as you are trying to uncork that vintage vino.

Picnic Tips No 9 - Table Cloth

Bulldog clip to clamp down the picnic table cloth

Whether the picnic tablecloth is fabric, plastic or throw-away, avoid having to struggle with the wind.

You could use alligator clips (bulldog clips) and clamp the cloth to the picnic table.

Another tip is to glue a coin on either edge of the tablecloth to weigh the it down.

Picnic Tips No 10 - Picnic Plates

Plastic Plates

May I suggest a square shape as these are easy to pack.

Avoid breakages with either disposable plates or preferably melamine ones.

I use basic white and that way I am able to have fun with color co-ordination using napkins, tablecloths etc.

Picnic Tips No 11 - Thermos - 1 or more

I would like to suggest that you use more than 1 picnic thermos. There is nothing worse than running out of hot water if you are a tea or coffee drinker.

In Winter you might like to fill one with your favourite homemade soup. Summertime fill one with ice/water and lemon juice for a very refreshing pick-me-up.

thermosThermos for hot and/or cold drinks

Picnic tips No 12 - Plastic Cutlery

Have you found disposable knives and forks that are strong enough to tackle a nice piece of BBQ'd steak? That's why packing a few stainless steel knives and forks, might be a good idea. Or maybe just a sharp knife to cut the meat into bite size pieces.

Invest in a cheap set of stainless steel cutlery and have it reserved for picnics only.

Picnic Tips  No 13 - Paper Napkins

Big, strong and sturdy ones.

There's nothing worse than picking off bits of napkin from your yummy steak definitely not recommended.

For a little extra fun why not produce a theme. For example ...

  • Seasons
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Birthday

Picnic Tips No 14 - Plastic or Melamine Cups

Plastic cup

Use color coordinated ones or clear.

There are plenty of different and reasonably priced disposable ones available now.

Picnic Tip No 15 - A Disposable Camera

disposable camera

Have a couple of cheap disposable cameras handy for the kids to snap photos of the great day out. Children love to take photos and the process of developing their own pictures is quite educational.

Don't forget to take your own camera/phone along to record those memorable moments.

Make sure everything is fully charged.

Picnic Tip No 16 - Picnic Food Essentials

Salt and Pepper shakersSalt and Pepper Shakers

Keep all these in air-tight containers in your picnic basket.

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Teabags and Coffee
  • Sugar and or Sweeteners
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Garlic
  • Any Sauces, Pickles, Chutneys etc, store these in the refrigerator.

Make sure that you have packed in a few recycled plastic shopping bags for all the rubbish ******

Picnic Tips No 17 - Chopping Board

You can use either a wooden board or there are some light weight plastic boards that you can easily store away in your carry all. These come in a range of sizes and some inexpensive sets are made up of different colour coded pliable plastic sheets that can be easily cleaned and stored away until next time.

Lightweight plastic chopping boardsLightweight plastic chopping boards, perfect for picnics

Tips No 18 - Picnic Games

What's a picnic without games? These are an essential picnic requirement to add to the fun of the day. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Frisbee
  • Cards
  • Chess

Pick the equipment up at toy stores, Target, Kmart, even at your local Hardware Store. Might even find some games at the Op shop.

Colorful bocce ballsColorful bocce balls

Tip No 19 - Basic First Aid Kit

Keep the kit well stocked.

These kits can be purchased already filled with all that you could need should there be any accidents etc.

Some extra items that I like to include in the kit are...

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Paper towel
  • Hand/face wash cloths

Remember to restock if you use anything from the kit.

First aid travel kitFirst aid travel kit, essential to have on hand for picnics

There you have it. 19 tips and suggestions to help make that next picnic the best ever. If you have any other tips that you have found works a treat, love to hear all about it. Just pop over here and drop us a line.

Here's to a great day out next time you venture out. In the meantime, why not sign up to the newsletter and/or the Blog feed below. Love to stay in-touch

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