St Andrews Market
Held Every Saturday - 8:00am till 5:00pm
(Except Total Fire Ban Days)

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The St Andrews Market, held every Saturday in the foothills of the Yarra Ranges, can only be described as quite the alternative market.

You could almost be excused in thinking that you had stepped back in time to the 70's.

I would lovingly say that this market has to be the best 'Hippy Market' I have ever visited.

From the moment you enter the market you are transported to a time when rainbows and flowers and all things 'hey man' seem totally natural.

Senses come alive with the aromas of curries and sizzling sausages mixed with pungent oils being burned.

Colour is everywhere, rainbows and bubbles and flags fluttering and the sounds of buskers fill the air.

A Selection of St Andrews Market Stalls

St Andrews Market Collage

One of outer Melbourne's Saturday markets, St Andrews Market can be described as an ecclictic mix of trendy, new age and some old age, colourful and mysterious, modern and not so modern goodies for example ...

  • A little recycling
  • Beautiful Handcrafts, soaps, candles and cards
  • Homemade yummy and delicious products delights
  • Gifts for all ages
  • Flowers and plants
  • Organically grown produce - certified

There is something at the market for everybody, young and not so young. There is plenty of food and drinks for sale as well at the market, handy as the fresh bush air certainly helps work up an appetite.

Certified Organic Vegetables

Certified Organic produce for sale at the St Andrews market north east of Melbourne, Australia

I recommend that you arrive at the market as early as possible as parking can be quite a problem and expect to have to walk a fair distance back to your car when you have finished.

recycled Goofy mug at the St Andrews Market

That saying, may I suggest that you bring along a basket or decent sized bag to carry all those goodies that you are going to buy.

I usually drag my market trolley along, they are becoming quite trendy these days.

You never know what you may find at the market.

I love to browse through the recyled stalls looking for that something I never thought I would need but seeing it I knew I must have!

Who would have thought to recycle the kids Goofy mug? Quirky and fun and just what I needed.

Which reminds me ...

post it note

No dogs are allowed at the market.

Expect to be entertained by busking musicians and educated by clever circus entertainers.
Watch the wooden spoon man working his way through a piece of box wood malley or add a colourful feather or two to your hair as a hair extension.

Flower Stick - Devil Stick Tutorial - Firstlight Stiltwalkers

Learning the devil Sticks at the St Andrews Market

Take the time to enjoy the entertaining and sometimes quite funny buskers that are spread throughout the market. All characters in their own right and so authentically Australian. Don't forget to drop a coin or two down in appreciation.

Busking And Selling At The St Andrews Market

Busking and selling at the St Andrews Market, Melbourne - Australia

How Do You Get To The St Andrews Market?

North East of Melbourne, the market is set up on the corner of Kangaroo Ground/St Andrews and Heidelberg/Kinglake Roads.

Opposite the St Andrews Pub and central to the township of St Andrews.

If you are driving pop your details into the directions finder and follow the instructions.

Make sure to arrive early and secure a decent parking spot, you could be in for a long walk.

If you are using public transport, there is a train that you can catch to the Hurtbridge train station and the Community run a Saturday bus from the station that can take you to the market.

The bus travels from Hurstbridge station to Panton Hills, Smiths Gully, St Andrews, Cottles Bridge and back to Hurstbridge train station.

Check out the time table here to work out your next market visit ... Click this link here - Saturday Bus Timetable

The Saturday Bus - Transport To The Market

The Saturday Bus to St Andrews Market

The bus is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who supply the community with a much needed service through this area.
Locals and the Volunteers explain how and why the Saturday Bus is such a help to the Community of  Nillumbik and its visitors ...

St Andrews Market provides little shetland ponies for the kids to enjoy a ride on, always a fun experience for children.

Pony Rides At St Andrews Market

Pony rides at the St Andrews Market

Although finishing at 2:00pm, there is no reason why you still can't continue to enjoy the day as opposite the market you will find the famous St Andrews Pub - one of Victoria's top live music venues attracting great Blues and Roots musicicians

The 'Pub' sometimes offers an afternoon music program in a true blue 'Aussie' atmosphere. Visit the St Andrews Pub website and make sure there's entertainment on offer.

Feel like a sit down bite to eat then try the excellent restaurant 'A Boy Named Sue' opposite the market, make sure you secure a table.

And perhaps explore the St Andrews Workshop next door for all things secondhand.

All in all there certainly is plenty to see and do up at this unoque bush Market held amongst the tall blue gum trees.

Martin, The Wooden Spoon Man -And Other 'Stallies'

The Wooden Spoon Man and other Stalls at St Andrews Market

Market To Market Accessories

I'm always looking for something to wear to the market that's comfortable. Now I have just the right thing. Dress it up, dress it down, it will look so smart everyone will want to know "Where did you get it?"

Be the envey of all your Market Mates. Check out the different colours and sizes that you can purchase. "Gotta have one of these" - did I hear you say? Love it!

I love dropping into any Markets that are held in Melbourne, particuluarly Farmers Markets. There's always something I want to buy and what better way to carry everything home in than this great sized shopping bag.

The saying also reminds me of that great little game my mother used to play with me when I was a little tiny tot! Remember the one, it started with 'This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home..."

What better thing to wear when you pop out to the local Farmer's Market. I just love these markets full of fresh vegetables and fruit and what about those jars of homemade jams, spreads and peanut butters. Yummo!

Wear Daisy with pride and you wander along savouring all the delicious produce. Custom the t-shirt to suit your requirements. Its easy, just follow the directions.

Love the Farmer's Markets here in Melbourne. Filled with fresh fruit and vegetable and beautiful produce. Daisy, my friendly 4 legged companion, has to agree with me.

Next time your off to the market make sure you take Daisy with you, she'd love to tag along. Want to change the colour of the bag? No worries. Just use the backdrop facility to customize it to what you want. Add more text if you like. It's easy to do.

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