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Welcome to my Zoo

Wow, what an amazing, thrilling, hair-raising, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable experience this has to be.

Put this on your things to do list, perhaps one of those last minute getaways.

This is one of those family fun activities that you will never forget.

All your family can spend the whole day here as there is so much to see and take in.

You can get so close to these wonderful and unique african savanna animals. They are sometimes only feet away from you.

I found myself holding my breath so as not to disturb them.

In Australia we do have natural savanna grasslands not dissimilar to those found on the african savanna.

However the savanna animals that graze on the african savanna grasslands are very different to the kangaroo, emu etc that are native to Australia.

Male And Female Werribee Zoo Lions

Male And Female Werribee Zoo Lions

Here at the Werribee Zoo, you really get the feeling that you could be out there on the open plains of Africa.

Now that is really an awesome experience.

Let me just take you briefly through the Werribee Open Range Zoo and show you some of the amazing creatures that you will see.

Where Is The Werribee Open Range Zoo?

The drive to the Werribee Open Plains Zoo is around 30 minutes south west of Melbourne

K Road Werribee
Melways Ref: Map 201 D1

There is also a shuttle bus that departs from the Victorian Arts Center in the City.

Bookings are essential.

Phone (03)97485094 or visit The Werribee Park Shuttle Website

The Open Plains Zoo is part of the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board which also includes the Healesville Sanctuary and the Melbourne Zoo.

The Open Range Zoo is located on the Werribee River in the Werribee Park and is adjacent to the Werribee Mansion.

Entry includes one of the totally enthralling and exciting Safari savanna tours.

This will take you past african zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, ostrich, rhinos, camels, oryx and other savanna animals.

Zebras Grazing On The Open Plains At Werribee

Zebras Grazing On The Open Plains At Werribee compliments of

The Tour takes about an hour, bring your camera as there are lots of great opportunities to take some great pictures.

The tour driver runs a totally captivating commentary throughout the session and you are able to ask questions and really get involved with the whole experience.

Rhino Grazing The Werribee Open Range Plains  compliments of Grazing The Werribee Open Range Plains compliments of

The Werribee Zoo's Bachelor Pad

The Werribee Zoo has a new $3.6 million bachelor pad which is the home to three male gorillas - silverback Motaba and his two sons Yakini and Ganyeka.

The three boys have come from the Melbourne Zoo and now live in a 6,000 square metre state-of-the-art gorilla enclosure. This is a modern and innovative design with fantastic viewing platforms and play areas.

Lowland Gorilla At The Werribeee Zoo - Melbournne - Australia  compliments of Gorilla At The Werribeee Zoo - Melbournne - Australia compliments of

The new exhibit is located on Core Island near the Zoo's front entrance.

The enclosure will also promote Zoos Victoria's mobile phone recycling campaign which highlights the plight of gorillas in Africa whose habitat is being destroyed because of the illegal coltan mining - a mineral used in the production of mobile phones.

The Kubu River Hippos

Hippopotamus And Baby At The Werribee Zoo

Hippopotamus And Baby At The Werribee Zoo
Hippopatamus with mouth open Werribee Zoo Melbourne Australia

You can stroll 120 metres of boardwalks and come eye-to-eye with the hippos from a partly-submerged barge, the Kubu Queen.

After exploring on foot, the safari bus then takes you across the Kubu River ford in one of the world's only drive-through hippo experiences.

There is an adventure trail here, an archeological dig site and a hippo water play section with life sized hippopatamus.

These Creatures are of the world's most dangerous when found in the wild.

They look like gentle giants, but don't be deceived.

Hippopotamus At The Werribee Open Plains Zoo

Hippopotamus At The Werribee Open Plains Zoo

When you arrive back at the Meerkat Licensed Bistro, you can spend some time watching these amazing little creatures as you enjoy a cuppa and a bite to eat.

Their antics will have you enthralled for ages.

Meercats At The Werribee Open Plains Zoo

Meercats At The Werribee Open Plains Zoo

There is also a take-away food Kiosk next door to the Bistro and courtyard seating for convenience.

Refreshed and ready for your next experience, just follow the directions and wander along the pathways that will take you to some of the most amazing encounters that you will ever experience.

The Exciting Lions On The edge Experience

Follow the path of a lion through an african village and the savanna grasslands to his pridelands.

There are interactive elements to this walk, like sitting in the jeep and looking directly into the face of the king of the beasts.

lion licking it's lips

Separated by what appeared to be just a thin pane of glass, I could not move.

He appeared out from nowhere, jumped up onto the front of the jeep, sat down facing us and opened his huge mouth to yawn!

Those Teeth.

He licked his Lips, looked at each one of us, shook his beautiful mane, then slowly hopped down and proceeded on his way.

Feeding The Lions At The Werribee Open Plains Zoo

feeding a hungry lion at the Werribee Open Range Zoo compliments of

African Animals Bookstore

Some Exciting Speciality Tours

cartoon zebra

Africa right on your doorstep...couldn't ask for more exciting, thrilling and amazing things for kids to do.

Book one of the special Werribee Open Range Zoo Tours or just rock on up to the entrance and take yourself and your loved ones on an adventure they will always remember.

There are Specialty Tours at the Zoo that operate daily.

Up to date details on the prices for these tours along with the times that the Zoo is open and other relevant information that you may require can be found here at the Werribee Zoo Website

These tours include...

  • The Open Vehicle Adventure Tour - Awesome if you dare!
  • The Rip Roaring Feed Tour. Watch the keepers feed the lions with this behind the scenes tour. Now this is really a spine tingling experience. You can smell the beasts and hear them roaring.
  • The Slumber Safari. Camp overnight with the animals. You will be comfortable in the very accommodating safari tents. Camping around the open fire out on the plains enjoying a delicious BBQ and listening to the fun stories provided by your host. Awake to the sounds of the savanna, the roar of the lions and the smell of an African plains cooked breakfast.

Lions Waking Up At The Werribee Zoo

wild animals yawning
  • The Tall Order Giraffe Encounter. Very up close and personal, eye to eye with one of the world's tallest mammals.A fascinating and incredibly memorable experience.
  • The Raising Rhino Tour. A close encounter with the Southern White Rhino. Special informative commentary on the challenges of breeding this magnificent creature. A very personalized guided tour through special lower grazing areas for these and other African animals.

I don't know about you but I love to visit a zoo and see what amazing creatures our word enjoys. The Royal Melbourne Zoo has some incredible animals to showcase as well.

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