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The orangutans species is well protected and cared for in the Melbourne Zoo's humane enclosure, the Orang-utan Sanctuary

This is a man made environment that resembles the orangutans habitat, an area where they can swing on ropes through the trees and between especially made and positioned poles.

The elevated tree top walkway is housed within the Asian Rainforest Exhibit at the zoo.

Strolling along the overhead boardwalk you are able to view and enjoy the endangered orangutans behavior through observation windows.

The Orangutan Enclosure Melbourne Zoo

Orangutans enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo Australia compliments of

Being tree dwelling creatures we are able to see this endangered species swinging and playing through the tree tops.

Orangutan Playing In Enclosure Melbourne Zoo

Orangutan playing in enclosure at the Australian Melbourne Zoo compliments of

Melbourne is very conscious of housing animals in environments that the animal can enjoy.

You can observe this at the Werribee Open range Zoo and the Healesville Sanctuary - both just on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Orangutan Facts

  • The Orangutans, the magnificent yet highly endangered species, are native to Indonesia and Malaysia
  • They belong to the species of Great Apes
  • They are highly intelligent creatures
  • The orangutans diet consists mainly of fruit and nuts, leaves, bark, honey and bird eggs
  • The male can grow to almost 6' tall(175cm) and the female to almost 4'(127cm)
  • The male's head differs from the female in as much as it is huge and round
  • The orangutans arms are twice as long as their legs making it easier to swing through the trees
  • The animals are tree dwellers and make their nests out of leaves and branches way up in the tree tops
  • The orangutans use tools to gather food
  • They are foragers and their diet is quite seasonal

The Orangutan Kiani - Melbourne Zoo

Kiani, the orangutan at the Melbourne Zoo Australia compliments of
  • They have been said to be the dispersing agent for quite a few plant species, dropping the seeds all over the forest floor
  • The orangutans Mothers stay with their babies for 6 or 7 years
  • This endangered species eats soil or bark to obtain minerals some of which help to keep them regular, absorb toxic chemicals or treat medical disorders such as diarrhea
  • Aggression between other endangered Orangutans is quite common
  • They are very territorial
  • As immature orangutan males they can be quite aggressive and forceful when it comes to mating. The females preferring the advances of the older and more mature male
  • They do not swim
  • They are able to vocalize different reactions to different stimuli such as playing, wrestling, tickling and fighting
  • Due to logging and deforestation the orangutans are now endangered and threatened with extinction.

The Endangered Orangutan

Orangutans are killed for food while others are killed because they may be destructive to people's property!

Mother orangutans are killed so that their babies can be sold as pets through the illegal pet trade market!

Due to logging, mining and deforestation the orangutans natural environment is being radically destroyed.

The Palm Oil Connection To The Endangered Orangutans

Vast areas of tropical rainforest have been converted to palm oil plantations

Palm oil is used for cooking, cosmetics, mechanics and is a source of biodiesel

Have a look at food labels and notice the term...vegetable it actually palm oil?

The Melbourne Zoo is well aware of the dramatic situation facing the endangered orangutans and we can all help by firstly understanding the problem and what can be done to help save these amazing creatures, visit...

Palm Oil Campaign

For more information here are some more links...

the Australian Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Foundation

The Endangered Orangutans Bookstore

Here is a selection of fantastic books about this amazing creature. Beautifully presented and an excellent idea as a gift on any occasion.

Orangutan Diaries
Orangutan Diaries

From the makers of BIG CAT WEEK and ELEPHANT DIARIES comes this candid view of the BORNEO ORANGUTAN SURVIVAL FOUNDATION and its efforts to create a safe haven for the incredible endangered orangutans

Reflections of Eden
Reflections of Eden

Here, at last, is the riveting story of Birute Galdikas, a pioneering primatologist who has spent much of her life studying this endangered species, the orangutans...

Orangutans in Danger
Orangutans in Danger

In Orangutans in Danger, young readers will follow orangutans living in the rain forests as they learn about their natural habitat, physical characteristics, diet, lifecycle, and behavior...

Climbing Orangutans
Climbing Orangutans

Introduces readers to orangutans and their habitat. Simple text explains the parts of a orangutan's body, what and how orangutans eat, and their life cycle.

Why why why are Orangutans so hairy
Why,why,why are Orangutans so Hairy?

Kids have lots of questions and this series gives them some answers. Full of interesting facts about orangutans, an endangered species of wildlife, colorful drawings, and quick activities to help kids learn.

Borneo Footprint Handbook
Borneo Footprint Handbook

The third largest island in the world, largely jungle-covered and still relatively undiscovered, it's easy to see what attracts adventurous travelers to Borneo.

For more interesting Orangutan Theme Books just click on this image below;

Visit the endangered orangutans at the Melbourne Zoo; open between the hours of 9:00am through to 5:00pm every day of the year.

Allow a good 3 hours to visit the exhibits and really experience what the zoo has to offer.

A great way to save money and budget in a lot more great Melbourne Attractions to visit, is to use the Melbourne and Beyond Smartvisit Card with free entry to over 40 different venues.

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