Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia

by Chris

The Cott.

The Cott.

A great beach.

Friendly people.

Many facilities.

A wonderful experience.

For me Cottesloe beach has to be one of Australia's greatest and most magnificent beaches.

This beach has it all, from the clean, soft white sand, the pristine blue waters of the Indian ocean and onto the foreshore where the buildings of a bygone era are still beautiful in their own right today.

The Cott sees many, many beach enthusiasts during our warmer weather and they are a very disparate lot of people indeed, and they seem to be from all walks of life and cultures.

The folks that I have met during my many excursions to Cottesloe Beach are ultra friendly and you only need to smile or nod to them to receive an invitation to join them which I some times do.

I have gained some wonderful fun times doing this and plenty of scintillating conversations and even some long term friendships over the years that I have been enjoying Cottesloe.

At Cottesloe beach you will find family groups singles of both sexes and lots of bunches of friends.
Picnics and BBQ's are an ever ongoing event along with beach cricket and beach volleyball.

At the left hand side of the beach there is a breakwater jutting into the ocean and this has created a small cove which is safe for the littlies to play and paddle in.

Other parts of the beach are also safe although there are some times small waves suitable for body surfing.

The Cottesloe beach picnic area is extensive and has plenty of BBQ's with roofs for shade and Norfolk pines for even more shade. The area is well grassed and beautiful.

Across the road is the famous Cottesloe Beach Hotel which serves counter meals, snacks and naturally alcohol.

Over the street there are also fast food outlets that serve nice food and cold drinks.

The beach features more than enough toilets and other facilities.

All in all Cottesloe beach is one of my all time favorites.

Western Australia has so many wonderful family friendly beaches.

Enjoy Chris

PS: You have a beautiful web site Marylyn, congrats.

Reply by:

Hi Chris,

Wow, Now that's one great write-up!
We are so lucky here in Australia to be able to boast such beautiful beaches. Your Cottesloe beach is no exception.
Looks like a typical Aussie summer day.
Typical Aussie summer girls
Typical Aussie summer colours and...
A pub just over the road.

"It's your shout, mate!"

Thanks for the sharing.

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Aug 13, 2011
Ta muchly
by: Chris

Thanks guys loved your comments it is just one of our great beaches

Mar 12, 2011
I do not know.
by: Chris

Hi Peter depends on the date you are here mate.
I have a couple of trips planed for the north here, Broome and then Kununurra. All the best Chris

Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Is it possible to make a bbq there??


Nov 16, 2009
Your Shout Mate
by: Peter

Now that's one great looking beach Mate!
Will check it out when I get over there. Looking at taking the family over to Perth in the school holidays.
The Pub sounds like a great idea! Might meet you there eh'
Pete' from Townsville, Aussie-land!

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