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Visiting the central district of Melbourne presents an opportunity for you to discover the sights and sounds, the culture, the cuisine of this popular tourist destination.

Read up on this selection of unique things that you can do in Melbourne, with or without the family. Each suggestion will create a truly memorable experience, never to be forgotten.

Experiences like hand feeding sharks, yes, that's what I said and living to tell the story! What about travelling at breakneck speed down through a dark tunnel and surviving? And then there is Melbourne's own walking dead, the annual Zombie Shuffle through the streets of the city, if you're into being scared out of your skin!

These are just a few suggestions on what Melbourne has to offer both local visitors and tourists alike. Read on to find out more.

The Best Selection Of Things To Do In Melbourne - Ever!
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Perhaps you would like to take the family on a Melbourne river cruise down the Yarra, either in the Tramboat or on one of Melbourne's other Yarra Cruise Tours. You get a totally different perspective of this beautiful city from this vantage point. Cruise past places like the Aquarium, the famous MCG, the Casino and the newest gem in the Melbourne crown, the exciting Docklands

Melbourne Docklands

Melbourne Docklands compliments from my English mate Steve

One of Melbourne's great tourist attractions that locals and tourists alike enjoy wandering through are the alleyways and streets that are colourfully painted. Some painting done by world renowned 'Street Art' painters.

With the help of Zazzle, I've designed several products displaying some of the amazing street art. Check out these designs and others I have created. 

Unique Melbourne Street Art Gift Ideas

This Section on things to do in Melbourne is continuously being expanded as more exciting places are found for you to enjoy however...


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Melbourne Cinemas and Live Performance Theaters are a must to check out with the latest movie releases and world class live shows being performed in some of the best theaters and cinema complexes. Top quality and comfortable venues for all the family to enjoy.

St Kilda breakwater penguin compliments of https://flic.kr/p/65e1oT

Did you know that here on the outskirts of the city, down at the St Kilda breakwater, you can find a little fairy penguin colony?

No need to go all that way down to Phillip Island, penguins right here in on the outskirts of the city!

Of all the things to do in Melbourne this has to be one of the most unique ones of all!

How exciting for you and your family to be able to engage with these little world famous creatures.

So there you have it, just a few examples of the fun times that you and the family can have in and around Melbourne. Take a look at this video that will give you more of an insight into some things you can do in Melbourne that you would really enjoy.

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