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Picnics Create The Best Memories. 

Picnics create the best memories. 

You can actually put a picnic together quite simply.

In fact, the simpler you tend to keep a picnic, the better the time you seem to have.

The more time you have, means more time you can have enjoying time with your family and friends.

Less to worry about setting the picnic up, cooking the food and what it is you need to prepare, means lots more time to enjoy each others company.

Putting together the bits and pieces required to produce a great picnic can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if there are a lot going to be there.

It needn't be hard for you.

You can be sure, that within this section of the website, you will find information that will provide you with some...

  • excellent tips and suggestions
  • salad recipes 
  • yummy fillings for freshly baked breads and rolls 

and so much more. 

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Paper towel roll

Wherever you go on your picnic, stock the cooler (Australian's call this an esky) with plenty of cold drinks and ice and don't forget the sunscreen.

Here are some essential tips and suggestions on creating a day out to remember.

  • What to take along
  • Some safety issues
  • And of course some great recipe ideas

family in park with baby

No 1 Rule - Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE

Consider Picnic Ideas With Very Simple Recipes.

  • Dips and Spreads, either homemade or purchased ... See Picnic Spreads and Cold salad recipes
  • Cold meats, chicken or seafood, either home cooked or purchased make great sandwich fillings
  • Fresh bread (if sliced you can have this pre-buttered and wrapped in foil), fresh bread rolls are great for that BBQ sausage (I can smell them from here - my personal favourite.)

bird eating a sandwichFresh bread, your favourite sandwich filling and a friend to share it with
  • Salad mixes, homemade or homemade potato salad mix is always a hit, pasta makes a great change and a simple tossed salad can take on a "Professional" look with a few simple additions eg nuts, seeds, cheeses, sun dried tomatoes etc
  • Fresh fruit either cut up or offered whole
  • Assorted cheeses and crackers
  • Salad mixes, homemade or homemade potato salad mix is always a hit, pasta makes a great change and a simple tossed salad can take on a "Professional" look with a few simple additions eg nuts, seeds, cheeses, sun dried tomatoes etc.
  • Fresh fruit either cut up or offered whole
  • Assorted cheeses and crackers

Tip post note

Picnic Ideas Essential - Be Prepared

Keep most of these things put aside, maybe some of them in the family car, ready for that picnic getaway.

  • A picnic basket filled with utensils etc. A carry all environmental bag/s from the supermarket can do the job
  • Picnic rugs ( I always suggest at least 2 as they are so handy if weather turns nasty )
  • A couple of thermos flasks, depending on how many people you are catering for you may need more. I find running out of hot water for my tea or coffee so stressful!
  • Pop top drink bottles, so handy for homemade drinks and water ( this little tip can save you so much money! )
  • A Small First Aid kit
  • Games to play
  • Trash bags, recycled supermarket bags are great for the rubbish and great for the environment
  • Clear plastic drop sheet....Check out Picnic Tips as to why
  • Esky or 2 or 3

dog and frisbeePlay frisbee in the park with your pet dog

Browse through these Picnic Food Ideas for simple, affordable picnic ideas recipes. Easy things that you can make, bake, cook or mix. The main thing is to keep it simple so that you can enjoy that wonderful family of yours. Use these picnic ideas, tips, suggestions at any picnic getaway and remember to ... enjoy yourself.

And Here's the perfect tote bag to transport all those necessary items for your perfect picnic outing

Check out some of my designs I have made up using Zazzle

Micky And His friends Might Give You Some Picnic Ideas


Picnic Pages To Visit For More Tips And Yummy Recipes.

picnic bits and pieces
paper towel roll
easy picnic ingredients
child in the dandelions

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