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The Very Royal Melbourne Zoo
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The City Zoo is Australia's oldest zoo and was modeled on London Zoo.

The zoo is set among flower gardens and picnic areas and contains more than 400 animal species from Australia and around the world.

The zoo was built over 150 years ago, covering 22 hectares (55 acres) of botanic-style gardens now housing environmental, enclosed habitat zones and just 4km from the city center.

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The Critically Endangered - Sumatran Tiger

Melbourne Zoo Critically Endangered - Sumatran Tiger compliments of

Historic features such as the design of the Main Walk and an early 20th century menagerie exhibit are preserved in an area where visitors are able to see how the Zoo has matured.

Exhibition Of The Western Lowlands Gorilla

Melbourne Zoo gorilla compliments of

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Lions are now classed as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (on the IUCN ‘red list’).

A thrilling sight to see is the feeding time for the lions as it is very obvious that there is sibling rivalry between the lions which makes for an exciting encounter!

The Lion Kings At The City Zoo

Melbourne Zoo Lions compliments of

Where are the Zoological Gardens?

The zoo is located within Royal Park on Elliot Avenue in Parkville, which is not very far from the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD)

Elliott Avenue

Parkville VIC 3052

(03) 9285 9300

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Black Capped Capuchin Monkey

Melbourne Zoo black capped Capuchin compliments of

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And while you are wandering through the Melbourne Zoo exhibits don't forget to take a nostalgic ride on the historic carousel.

The Zoo's carousel was built in 1878 in England and imported to Australia in the 1880's. The carousel traveled the show circuit until 1963 before it finally arrived and settled at the Zoo.

The City Zoo Carousel

Melbourne Zoo carosel compliments of

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Up Close And Personal At the Royal Melbourne Zoo

Here is a sample of the unique interaction that you and your family are able to have with some of the animals at the Zoo.

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