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Visiting and exploring the Historical Sights in Melbourne is a much better hands on way of learning how this city was shaped, a practical hand on experience is always better than a text book study.

You get to involve all your senses in the experience making it far more memorable.

When I was young, I tried my best to study Australia History but I found the subject matter boring.

Had I been able to experience the excitement, the romance, the thrill of a face to face encounter with this country's History, I think I would have learned and enjoyed it so much more.

In this section I am selecting the best of Melbourne's historic sights.

A Selection Of Melbourne's Historic Sights

The history of Melbourne is fascinating, I have visited and still am visiting these personally and as I write each one's review you will be able to click onto the image and check it out in more detail for yourself.

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Take yourself back to the 18th Century and wander through this quaint little cottage standing in the centre of the city of Melbourne, Australia ...

This Heritage Tram is a free public transport tram service provided by the City of Melbourne. I personally think this is one of Melbourne's best free star tours ...

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Swanston and Flinders Street Intersection - Circa 1920's

Old picture of Swanston and Flinders Street Intersection circa 1920's

For instance, visit this amazing example of one of Melbourne's historic sights, the world famous Flinders Street Station.

When Melburnians say meet me "under the clocks" they mean the huge clock with 13 smaller clocks below it over the main entrance to the station.

These clocks give the time of the next train on all the suburban train lines.

For decades the 13 clocks on the Flinders Street and Princes Bridge corner facade of Flinders Street Station have been the Melbourne rendezvous spot.

Flinders Street Station - Under The Clocks Meeting Place

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne Australia compliments of

Visit the grandeur of Como House providing a glimpse into the privileged lifestyle of its former owners, one of Australia’s wealthiest pioneer families.

Historic Melbourne's Como House

Melbourne's Historical Como House

Enjoy a ride on Melbourne's Heritage Tram the free City Circle Tram an unforgettable experience riding a part of Melbourne's history.

Take advantage of the fact that you can travel on the tram for FREE and stop off at any other historic sight that you want to explore.

See the east loop and the west loop for some of these adventures.

Both Local and Overseas Tourist are able to ride a piece of Genuine Heritage Listed Australian History.

The "W" Class Trams, colored Maroon and Green, travel in a loop around the Business District of Melbourne.

For instance you can jump off near the Queen Victoria Market and explore that historic sight.

The Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market

Then wander on up to stroll the Carlton Gardens and admire the Royal Exhibition Buildings.

Royal Exhibition Buildings

Royal Exhibition Buildings Melbourne Australia compliments of

The Royal Melbourne City Baths

Melbourne City Baths

Diving at the Melbourne City Baths

At the top of Swanston Street you can find the historic City Baths.

The baths were first opened in 1860 and have continued to provide health and fitness services to the community for more than 140 years.

The objective was to stop people from bathing in the Yarra River, which by the 1850s had become quite polluted. The facilities used to consist of two swimming pools, 16 slipper baths each for men and women.

There were also Turkish and vapour baths, a Jewish ceremonial bath (Mikvah bath) and a laundry. Mixed bathing was introduced into the City Baths in 1947 and the popularity of the swimming pool began to increase.

The Melbourne Historic City Baths now house a swimming pool, spa, squash courts and a gymnasium.

Discover Melbourne's History The Easy Way.



If you like to have your Melbourne history exploration organized for you my Affiliate Travel Partner, Viator, has some truly amazing tours on offer.

For instance the incredible and informative Melbourne Lanes and Archades Tour where you can ...

'...Immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of this cosmopolitan city, visit local artisans and up and coming fashion designers. Join the café society and soak up the atmosphere of old world charm...'

The historic Captain Cooks Cottage experience has really been captured brilliantly here by my Aussie Mate, 77 Aussie.

Enjoy this little adventure, one of many that you can find throughout Melbourne.

Captain Cooks Cottage - Carlton Gardens

For Love Of History - This selection May Interest You.

Melbourne: A City of Stories
Melbourne: A City of Stories
"Melbourne: A City of Stories" grew out of Melbourne Museum's permanent exhibition, The Melbourne Story.

Begin Your History Lesson Here.

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