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Melbourne's a compact city, mostly flat with several forms of transport moving easily in and out of the central business district. Melbourne's grid layout makes it an easy city to navigate, with most attractions within walking distance.

Public transport ( train, tram or bus), taxis, vehicles and push bikes find it safe to traverse the city streets and viable laneways. If travelling on public transport, all you need is a myki card. It's a plastic smartcard with stored value which can be topped up and re-used again and once purchased you'll be ready to travel around the city to explore all those Melbourne attractions, theatres, parks and gardens, hotels and restaurants.

Getting around Melbourne using the train service through the underground railGetting around Melbourne using the train service through the underground rail

Using 'Public Transport' when getting around the city

Where do all the trains disappear to?

Flinders Street Station is where trains arrive coming in from the outer suburbs. The city loop is Melbourne city's underground train system. This system consists of 5 stations.

  • Southern Cross Station - Melbourne's hub for regional and interstate trains.
  • Flagstaff Station - Underground, 3 levels linked by elevators and stairs, steep, steep elevators!
  • Melbourne Central - great to hop off and shop around.
  • Parliment - nearby attractions are Parliment House, St Patrick's Cathedral, the Old Treasury Building, Princess Theatre. 
  • Flinders Street Station - Great place to meet is under the clocks on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets. Federation Square is just across the road where the Tourist information Centre conveniently is situated.

Use the train to hop from one area of the city to another. It's a fun way to explore all that Melbourne has to offer and see how the city operates.

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne AustraliaFlinders Street Station is part of the rail underground system. The popular tourist place to meet is under the clocks.

Getting around the city on Melbourne's iconic trams

The city tram stops display maps, route numbers and the timetable. Each tram has a number displayed on the front of it along with the destination. Travel within the city is free within the Free Tram Zone, go to the Public Transport website.

You don't need to use your MYKI card if you travel this zone however if you are travelling outside this area then don't forget to secure your MYKI card.

You can collect a flexible 'Myki Explorer Pack' at Federation Square. This is a ready to use card that allows you unlimited travel for the day on Melbourne's Public transport. There is the function to top this up to keep on exploring Victoria.

The pack includes:

  • a ready-to-use myki card with one day’s unlimited travel in metropolitan Melbourne
  • handy maps (train, tram, city centre)
  • special offers from 16 popular Melbourne and regional attractions with information on how to get there by public transport
  • souvenir wallet.

It is available in three types, full fare, concession and child.

Melbourne tram travelTravelling by tram in Melbourne, Australia

What's the 'gen' on the burgundy tram that travels around the city?

Well you can travel 'free' on this special heritage listed tram around the city on it's special route. Getting around the best parts of Melbourne using the City Circle Tram is an excellent way to see the city and it's attractions, especially if you are time poor. Check the route out here for all the attractions you might want to visit. The great thing is that you can hop on or hop off at any time, no charge to ride!

Melbourne's free city circle tram compliments of Liamdavies (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsMelbourne's free city circle tram compliments of Liamdavies (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The're big and buxom - Travel on a bus through Melbourne

Buses in Melbourne run frequently shuttling passengers to some of Melbourne's best attractions, to shopping centres to indulge your passion, leisure and sports venues and other points of interest.

Select your stop from the list here, Melbourne City, and plan your journey.

What about Getting Around Melbourne using the 'Melbourne Visitor Shuttle'? 

That's a great question. The bus shuttle stops at 13 key city locations. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes, seven days a week between 9.30am and 4.30pm (check the website more exact for details), the whole trip takes approximately 90 minutes. Free Wifi and air conditioning with an ongoing commentary makes this ride a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. 

Tickets cost $10 and are valid for up to two days. Children aged under 10 travel free. You can purchase your tickets online or at several locations around the city.

  • Melbourne Visitor Centre
  • Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre
  • Melbourne Airport arrivals hall (terminal two)
  • Ticket machines at each stop (credit card or coins accepted)

If you need more information, please visit

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Other Ways Of Getting Around Melbourne

Melbourne Taxis

Use the city's taxi service to get from one side of the city to the other if you need to get there fast! Or hire one to take you down to the the beach for example. Easy to find as they are bright yellow or silver or white, and display a lamp on top of its roof.

There are cab ranks displayed on the city streets at specific locations.

Melbourne taxis parked on Collins Street compliments of,_Melbourne.jpg#/media/File:Taxis_on_Collins_Street,_Melbourne.jpgMelbourne taxis parked on Collins Street compliments of,_Melbourne.jpg#/media/File:Taxis_on_Collins_Street,_Melbourne.jpg

Driving in the city - if you really have to!

Getting around the city by car can appear quite tricky as some of the city streets are one way and some are closed off for pedestrian traffic only.

Most streets will have their name displayed either on a sign post or attached to a building. Driving in Melbourne is on the left side of the road and try to avoid driving on the tram tracks as much as possible. Most tram stops have their own little platform area but please be careful when driving past a stationary tram and watch out for pedestrians.

There is paid parking on most of Melbourne's streets and secure paid parking facilities scattered throughout the city. Note the time these shut as you certainly don't want to find that you are unable to get you car out.

You can park on the outskirts of the city and use public transport or perhaps walk into the CBD if you have the inclination, that's a great way to explore the unique buildings and structures along the way. for example on St Kilda Road.

Driving into Melbourne these days might appear a tad confusing with all the road works and new freeway exits and entrances popping up. Just watch the signs closely as you drive, use Google Maps to plot your route before you leave home or hotel or if you have your mobile handy use Google Maps and that friendly voice will let you know how to get there.

Be aware also that on some streets in the city you will need to perform what is known as a 'Hook Turn'. You haven't driven in Melbourne if you haven't performed a hook turn!

What are those stands with blue bikes?

These are for folk who would like to ride around the city on a push bike, you can now hire a bike from one of the city's docking stations.There are plenty of parks to explore and riding along the Yarra River is a beautiful way to see the Melbourne skyline.

The first 30 minutes riding time is free and to extend your time for your explorations all you have to do is re-dock the bike at any of the docking locations, wait 2 minutes and pop your credit card into the vending machine once again and choose a bike, note that your card will not be charged again.

Please note that you must wear a bike helmet if you are riding a bike in Victoria. This includes bike paths as well, such as along the Yarra River.

These 2 videos will explain the process of using the Melbourne Bike Share process. For more information just go to Melbourne Bike Share

Explore Melbourne in a cheap and environmentally friendly way

Melbourne Bike Share now provides a bike helmet for free when you hire the bike.

Should there not be a helmet with the bike for some reason, then you can purchase one from a nearby vending machine or these retail outlets (these you will find close to any of the docking stations). 

Hire one of the blue mountain bikes to explore the streets of the MelbourneHire one of the blue mountain bikes to explore the streets of the city and all the Melbourne Attractions

Getting around the City on foot

Because the city is relatively flat, getting around Melbourne on foot is easy. You can easily wander around the city and explore all the city's secret nooks and crannies.

Pick up some free Melbourne walking maps from the Information Centre at Federation Square.

There is also the Melbourne Visitor Booth, located in the Bourke Street Mall. This free information service is conveniently located in the heart of the city’s retail centre. Friendly volunteers at the Melbourne Visitor Booth provide maps and information on shopping, attractions and events.

Walking around MelbourneAn excellent walk to enjoy when getting around Melbourne is walking along the Yarra River

Have Some Fun Getting Around Melbourne - Save Yourself Some Money

The Melbourne Sightseeing Pass is a convenient and money saving pass that ... 

'You can choose between a one day Melbourne Pass which allows you to visit three of Melbourne's top attractions in one day, a flexi Five in One Attractions Pass which allows you to visit any five attractions from Melbourne's top attractions over a 3 month period or a two, three or seven day Melbourne Unlimited Attractions Pass which gives you unlimited access to over 35 of Melbourne's top attractions over consecutive days...'

Just click below for more information

sightseeing and attraction pass

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