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  Traveling Around Melbourne And Its Regions 

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Traveling around Melbourne in this day and age is a lot easier than it used to be.

To give you an indication of what it used to be like, share this fantastic journey into transportation in Melbourne in the 1940's, an amazing look at just how far things have come since those early days.

You will find in this getting around Melbourne section of the website, information that hopefully will help you find your way around this beautiful city and the surrounding suburbs.

Over the years Melbourne's public transport system has dramatically improved!

Yes, there are still some little problems to sort out as the City rebuilds and modernizes.

However, all in all, transporting thousands of people on a daily basis is done with a minimum of fuss. Very different to how folk traveled in the early years.

  Melbourne In The 1900's  

New trains, new trams and new buses are so much more comfortable. Travel times are better adhered to and it is easy to connect all 3 modes of transport to co-ordinate your journey.

Having lived with the old red rattlers  (Melbourne's old red trains) and the uncomfortable old green Melbourne trams, I can only say nowadays things are so much better.

Modern Day Melbourne Transportation Information

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Melbourne's public transport
Melbourne Metlink
Integrated ticketing system the Myki card
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Now with modern freeways such as Eastlink, Citylink and the Western Ring Road connecting suburban roads, we can travel by car from one side of the city to the other in a relatively short period of time.

Not to mention being able to easily travel to the outer suburbs and into the beautiful Victorian countryside.

Melbourne City Freeways

Melbourne city freeways compliments of

With Vicroads looking after road transport there are other convenient ways of getting around that locals and tourists can enjoy.

Melbourne's Public Transport System is quite unique with buses, trams and trains sharing an Integrated Ticketing System.

This creates a vast spiderweb of connected transport services.

This Integrated Ticketing System is called the Myki and is fast replacing the outdated Metcard System.

The Myki Touch Card Machine

Myki Ticketing Touch on touch off machine compliments of

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Have Some Fun And Travel Around Melbourne The Easy Way

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Getting Around Melbourne - Transportion In The 1900's

Transportation in the 1900's

Melbourne Transportation in 1900's

Tramway opening in geelong 1912

Tramway Opens Geelong - Australia, 1912

Melbourne Trams are a great way of getting around and are such an integral part of the history of this amazing city. To those of you who are enthusiasts, you maybe interested in this interesting selection of Tram Books that Fishpond has on offer.

The Melbourne Tram Book This new edition of The Melbourne Tram Book is a gloriously colorful and compact tribute to Melbourne's famous and iconic trams, one of the city's most enduring symbols.
More than 200 photographs and illustrations show the trams in the streetscapes of today and yesterday.

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