Fishing on the Beach

by Connie

Fishing With My son

Fishing With My son

My son and I went to the beach to go fishing.

The pier we are on came right out from the beach and extended well over the water.

We could look down right into the ocean and if you looked over to the right, you could see all the people on the beach. The beach was very crowded that day and it looked like the people went on for miles.

They looked warm in the sun, while it was a bit cool and windy up on the pier.

Very windy.

We saw a lot of other people fishing at the beach that day. All with their hats, poles, coolers and nets.

We fished all afternoon and while we made some great memories, we did'nt catch any fish.


Hi Connie,

Maybe you went there to catch memories not fish! And you hooked the Catch of the Day

Look how happy your little one looks and you for that matter!
Thank you for sharing and caring enough to share!

Good luck with your entry!


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Nov 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think you caught what you needed!
Good Luck!

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