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Going Home

by Caroline Shipsey
(Priddy, Somerset, UK)

Going Home - Minehead

Going Home - Minehead

This happy family has spent an enjoyable afternoon on the beach at Minehead, Somerset, UK in early October.

After such a wet summer this was a rare opportunity to make the most of good weather before winter sets in.


Hi Caroline,

Thanks ever so much for entering the Contest. That's a great family snapshot. I love the reflection in the waters.

One of the reasons I love to run this little Contest each year is that I get to spend time virtually travelling to all part of the globe.

And in this circumstance I got to travel to Minehead, Somerset in the U.K.

Now that's a long way from Melbourne, Australia.

Best of luck in the Contest!


Some interesting facts about Minehead.

Minehead is a coastal town and civil parish in Somerset, England.

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Minehead is located on the Bristol Channel coast of South-West England, and thus experiences one of the highest tidal ranges in the world.

The town is overlooked by North Hill, and is just outside the boundaries of Exmoor National Park.

The cliff exposures around the shoreline are dramatic and fossils are exposed.

Got my attention!

Cloud often forms inland, especially near hills, and reduces exposure to sunshine.

The average annual sunshine totals around 1,600 hours. Rainfall tends to be associated with Atlantic depressions or with convection.

In summer, convection caused by solar surface heating sometimes forms shower clouds and a large proportion of the annual precipitation falls from showers and thunderstorms at this time of year.

Average rainfall is around 800–900 mm (31–35 in). About 8–15 days of snowfall is typical.

November to March have the highest mean wind speeds, with June to August having the lightest.

A variety of sailing and wind surfing options are on offer, as well as the usual beach activities.

There are many other attractions and amusement arcades and a variety of well-known high street stores such as W H Smith and Boots and independent local shops.*(1)


Minehead, Somerset, U.K.

Minehead, Somerset, U.K.

How pretty!

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Oct 08, 2012
Minehead - Somerset - U.K
by: Marylyn.

Caroline tells me that...

" Minehead doesn't have a beautiful beach in Aussie terms, but it's the nearest decent one ie mud free!

The white structure is Butlins Holiday camp, which has been in the town for years, but when this structure was built it caused great controversy as Minehead is really a very sleepy place.

I'm about 60 miles away by road but can see it from a hill near home on a clear day!"

Thanks for the extra info' Caroline...I really have to visit the English countryside before I get much older!

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