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Jump, Jump at Langkawi Beach

by Ai Rin
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Daddy, you jump first and I will follow!

Daddy, you jump first and I will follow!

Daddy, you jump first and I will follow!
One more sandy elephant

It was a short holiday with the family.

Since children absolutely LOVE water, where else but the beach (plus the pool).

We decided on Langkawi Island, situated in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

As expected, the children (my nephew and niece) ran wild seeing the beach. They tried building sand castles which didn't work out. But they managed to make sand elephants (from a mold).

Anyway, they were just happy digging in the sand with their colourful little spades.


Hello Ai Rin,
That is one great jump for joy!
Thank you for your contest entry/entries. They both provide us with a perfect example of playing at the beach.
Kids, sand and water...a magic combination.
You look like you loved it as well.
Kind wishes to that lovely family of yours and best of luck in the Contest.

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