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One of the most exciting Melbourne Cruises that you could possibly enjoy would have to be sailing through the heads of Port Phillip Bay and across the Bass Strait heading towards Devonport on the southern island of Tasmania, Australia.

This open ocean ferry will transport you, your family and if you want, your car, over to this magic island where you and your family can experience one of the best family holidays Australia has to offer.

Magic beaches, some of the earliest Australian history, exciting coastline discoveries, awe inspiring mountain views and some of the most amazing world class foods and wines to enjoy.

The ferry terminals are located at Station Pier, Melbourne - Port Melbourne at one end of the journey and across the Strait at Devonport in Tasmania at the other end.

The Spirit Of Tasmania

The Spirit of Tasmania compliments of

The Spirit Of Tasmania - History

  • In 1985 the Abel Tasman began transporting passengers and vehicles across Bass Strait
  • In 1993 the ship was replaced by the larger 'Spirit of Tasmania 1'
  • 2002 saw the introduction of the Spirit of Tasmania 11 and in 2004 the Spirit of Tasmania 111 started sailing between Devonport and Darling Harbour
  • 2006, the route from Sydney was discontinued.
  • The year 2015 sees both the Spirit1 and the Spirit11 undergo extensive redesigning of their interiors.

The New Spirit Of Tasmania 2015 Renovations

Spirit Of Tasmania Fares

The Melbourne to Tasmania offers a range of fares and accommodation options and caters for all travelers. Fares are determined by several criteria.

The Spirit Docked At Station Pier Port Melbourne

The searoad ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania

1) How Are You Traveling?

What a great way to enjoy a unique Australian vacation by bringing along your very own vehicle and boarding this searoad transport ferry.

It is as simple as drive on board and then drive off into your Tasmanian adventure at the other end.

  • Are you transporting your vehicle?
  • What sort is it?
  • How long is it?

You can also transport your accommodation as well, perhaps your own RV or a hired one or tow your own caravan on board. Fares can be found on the official Spirit of Tasmania website here,

Check out the official website for easy step by step instructions on how to board your vehicle/s

The Spirit of Tasmania Ferry

Driving your vehicle onto the Spirit of Tasmania compliments of

2) What Are Your Accommodation Options On Board The Spirit?

  • Do you require Accommodation?
    If so do you want a Private Cabin or Shared Cabin?

If you prefer a cabin option the ship has 222 cabins providing a selection of options from Delux through to  shared cabins. All have private bathroom facilities.

  • More budget travel - Do you wish to travel during the day or overnight?

The comfortable ocean recliner Spirit of Tasmania provides is a low cost alternative. These recliners are situated in a private lounge surrounded by floor to ceiling panoramic windows.

Features include:

  • Swipe card access
  • Individual reading lights
  • Foot rest
  • Luggage racks (not lockable)
  • Blankets and pillows

These provide a cost effective way to travel across the Strait.

A unique day trips from Melbourne travel experience you and your family will never forget could be to purchase a Daytrip sailing ticket. You travel throughout the day leaving Melbourne early in the morning and arriving somewhere between 9 -11 hours later in Devenport that night.

For more information on the cost of this accommodation option just follow the link here,

What To Do When On Board The Spirit

So here you are sailing across Bass Strait off on your adventure to explore Tasmania.

Book your Tasmania Holiday tours

You Are Hungry and Thirsty and Want Some Fun

Tasmania is world famous for its cheeses and wines and other amazing delicacies and the ship provides an amazing selection for you to enjoy. There are several on board ways to do this.

  • On board the Tasmanian Market Kitchen is a self service buffet style eatery with fresh salads, hot and cold meals and delicious desserts. Plenty of drinks to choose from from wines to cold soft drinks.
  • You can also choose from The Pantry, offering sandwiches, quick snacks etc. You can stock up on a selection of Tassie wines and souvenirs.
  • There are several bars to enjoy on board

    - Bar 7,  a cosy and comfortable, modern and intimate bar
    - The Terrace Lounge Bar with flat-screen TV's - serving Pizza and Paninis
    - The Top Deck Lounge with deck chairs, outside deck and astro turf

To pass the time away whist you are sailing the Spirit has 2 new Cinemas that have multiple screenings showing the latest in movies.

For the kids whilst you relax there is the fun games arcade, sure to keep the kids amused for several hours and is conveniently located near the Top Deck Lounge.

Pets And The Spirit Of Tasmania

Your pet can travel very comfortably on board the ferry securely and comfortably housed in one of the ship's kennels. Fresh water is provided and ongoing and regular checks are made to make sure that it is comfortable.

For security reasons you are not allowed to visit during the journey.

Pets can travel On The Searoad Ferry

Dog in travel bag

Tips and Suggestions To Make Sure Your Journey Is Enjoyable

  • You can be dropped off at the Station Street terminal however please note that there is limited parking for friends or relatives to see you off
  • The trip across Bass Strait takes approximately 9 - 11 hours
  • Photo I.D. such as a driver's license is required to check in
  • Passports are not required to cross The Strait
  • Gates are open 2 - 5 hours prior to sailing
  • Boarding starts 1 - 5 hrs prior to departure
  • Drives board the searoad ferry in their vehicles along with any of their passengers
  • There is a wharf crew who will direct you when loading and when on board, where to park
  • Lock your vehicle once on board
  • If you are traveling without a vehicle restrict your luggage to just 2 items only for the baggage trolly
  • There are no locker facilities at Station Pier nor at the Devenport terminal. If you need to store luggage there are lockers at Southern Cross Station back in the Melbourne CBD

How To Get To Station Pier

If driving then simply fill in your details and follow Google Maps directions.

Friends who are dropping you off have limited spaces to park their vehicles. Most of these metre parking so it may be advisable to say your good byes quickly.

The Yarra Tram, Route 109 travels from the City down to Station Pier at Port Melbourne, you can hop on board at any of these stops and use a Myki card.

Yarra Tram Route 109 At The Station Pier Stop

Yarra Tram Route 109 tram stop at Station Pier

And of course there is the convenient Melbourne Taxi Service - if traveling in a group this makes for an economical way to reach the searoad ferry terminal.

For more extensive information, travel booking enquiries and anything else you want to know before you head on off on your Tasmania Holiday - or if you are coming over from Tasmania to explore the other states of Australia, visit the Spirit of Tasmania's website

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